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Meet Popverse's new staff writer, Grant DeArmitt

Popverse is entering year 2 with a new staff writer (and old face): Grant DeArmitt

Grant DeArmitt
Image credit: Grant DeArmitt

With the promotion of Graeme McMillan to be Popverse's new editor, we had to find a new staff writer. After reviewing hundreds of applications and interviewing numerous stars from across the pop culture journalism landscape, we have chosen someone who was here all along: contributing writer Grant DeArmitt.

Grant begins today as Popverse's new Staff Writer, stepping up after working as a freelance contributor in several roles such as a writer, a livestream coordinator, and an invaluable editorial assistant. In this new role as Popverse Staff Writer, he'll be working with myself and the rest of the team to set the tone, the voice, and the creations coming from us as we enter our third year.

Grant comes to us with a Bachelor's Degree from King's College and years of experience as a writer and editor - not only at Popverse, but across the internet at outlets including Newsarama, Nightmare on Film Street, CBR, and ScreenRant, as well as on his own creator-owned comics such as the recent horror yarn RATATOSK.

You can look forward to seeing Grant daily, here on Popverse as well as our YouTube and social channels. He'll also be joining our rowdy band in our 2024 tour of cons - including being a key part of our New York Comic Con 2024 plans.

Chris Arrant

Chris Arrant: Chris Arrant is the Popverse's Editor-in-Chief. He has written about pop culture for USA Today, Life, Entertainment Weekly, Publisher's Weekly, Marvel, Newsarama, CBR, and more. He has acted as a judge for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, the Harvey Awards, and the Stan Lee Awards. (He/him)


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