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EC Comics

EC Comics is returning after 68 years - and so is its iconic lettering font & style, with a 21st century upgrade

A classic EC Comics hallmark returns - but not just for nostalgia

Chris Arrant

The Best DC Comics superhero live-action shows ever, ranked from best to worst

The Best DC Comics superhero live-action shows ever, ranked from best to worst

From The Adventures of Superman in 1952 to Superman & Lois in 2024, we're covering every TV show based on a DC Comic

Grant DeArmitt

Jarrett Melendez

Artist's Alley Asks: Jarrett Melendez wants to take comics to hell (or is that, bring hell to comics?)

What is the dream project for the Chef's Kiss creator? Spoiler: it involves surviving the underworld (and videogames)

Ashley V. Robinson


Marvel's Vision is set to return in 2026, thanks to the man behind the last season of Star Trek: Picard

Remember how much you loved that Next Generation reunion? The mind behind that is now reviving Paul Bettany's Avenger for Disney+

Graeme McMillan

Florida Supercon 2023

The best Miami beach dining options for when you're here for Florida Supercon

Wondering where to grab a meal around Miami's Florida Supercon? We've got you covered and smothered

Grant DeArmitt

New York Comic Con 2023

Here's how (and when) to get New York Comic Con 2024 tickets... and how to get them early

It's time to get your ticket to the biggest comic con in North America - NYCC 2024.

Chris Arrant

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MCM Comic Con London May 2023
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