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Harrison Ford calls for Avengers to assemble in Captain America: Brave New World first look

Harrison Ford's Thunderbolt Ross has a new mission for Captain America

Tiffany Babb

C2e2 2023

Livestream Josh Brolin, One Piece, Brandon Sanderson, & more C2E2 2024 panels live from Chicago!

The 13 biggest panels of Chicago's C2E2 2024 will be able to be watched live from anywhere, straight into your home or phone.

Chris Arrant

Post-Apocalyptic Television

5 best dystopian TV shows

From the aftermath of interstellar genocide to the Last Man on Earth, there's a lot of ways TV has addressed the apocalypse in recent years

Graeme McMillan

Fourth Wing

How Rebecca Yarros' Fourth Wing turned into a TV show

"I know that they'll honor the diversity in the cast and we're not gonna see it whitewashed," the author says of the upcoming television adaptation

Graeme McMillan

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Jesse McCartney