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Promotional still from Avatar: The Last Airbender

What Avatar; The Last AIrbender got wrong was the big thing One Piece got right

Lots of fans are comparing Netflix's Avatar adaptation to their adaptation of One Piece. Here's how both productions included (or didn't include) the original creators

Tiffany Babb

Photograph of a long box with comics in it

Conventions are still the best place to dig through longboxes

You can always find treasure in these battered old boxes

Tiffany Babb

Watch the Critical Role panel from Seattle's ECCC 2024 here!

Watch now! Watch the Critical Role panel from Seattle's ECCC 2024 here!

Watch Emerald City Comic Con's exclusive 2024 Critical Role panel from wherever you are, in the real world or not

Grant DeArmitt

Captain America; The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Chris Evans's favorite Marvel Studios movie, and he tells Popverse why

Chris Evans reflects on Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier on its 10th anniversary

Chris Arrant

All the Devils Are Here

Scout Comics: Creators accuse the publisher of non-payment, threats, and ghosting its creators

Scout Comics admits to ghosting creators after public outcry over alleged non-payment and threats

Chris Arrant

The Power Fantasy

HBO meets the X-Men in Marvel mutant writer Kieron Gillen's new series The Power Fantasy with Caspar Wijngaard

'What if Watchmen had six Doctor Manhattans?' asks The Power Fantasy writer Kieron Gillen

Graeme McMillan

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