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Cropped image of Gang War promotional illustration

Liveblog! Marvel's Gang War event: Follow along with the Spider-Man event panel live from Los Angeles Comic Con

Wanna know what's going on with Gang War? We do too


Tiffany Babb

Homicide: The Graphic Novel

Members Access The Wire's David Simon talks about his return to life on the streets with Homicide spin-off graphic novel with Philippe Squarzoni

Homicide goes graphic: an exclusive interview with David Simon and Philippe Squarzoni on their new comic adaptation

Zach Rabiroff

Senku stands by an underground pool

Members Access Dr. Stone anime creators discuss upcoming season 3 finale and "foreshadowing" the end of the entire series

In a roundtable interview with Popverse at Anime NYC, the creators of the Dr. Stone anime dish on adapting the bombastic New World arc.

Sam Stone

Furiosa with a shaved head and a robot arm

Furiosa is already in danger of over-explaining its main character's backstory

Sometimes it is enough to go "and she had a wicked cool robot arm" and leave it at that.

Trent Cannon

Image featuring Godzilla with a blue tail

Godzilla Minus One is a reminder that action movies can be good, actually

Fie Jurassic World! Fie Dial of Destiny!

Tiffany Babb

December 2023

Popverse this December: Here's some of the exclusive interviews and articles members are getting this month!

Interviews, articles, and full panel videos from some of the biggest conventions in the world - all included in a Popverse membership

Chris Arrant

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