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Costumers Unite! The 501st UK Garrison comes to Comic Con, stream the panel here!

The 501st UK Garrison is a non-profit costuming organization whose goal is to put realism into costuming and good into the world.

501st UK Garrison
Image credit: 501st UK Garrison

MCM London Comic Con is full of incredible costumes, and the 501st Garrison brings some of the best. Stream the non-profit costuming organization’s panel about their efforts to build realistic movie costumes and give to the needy, right here on PopVerse. No need to be in London to check it out!

Popverse is filming this and many other panels at MCM Comic Con this year (see the complete line-up here), which you can watch by becoming a Popverse member at the 'Fan' level (or higher) or those that buy an MCM Digital Ticket. The Popverse annual membership includes live video panels from MCM as well as next year's Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2.

Popverse filmed the entire conversation from the panels, with the companies hosting the panel black out the screenings, trailers, and new footage - as they intended for it to only be seen by those in attendance in the panel room.

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