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Max lands exclusive A24 streaming rights, including Everything Everywhere All at Once, Priscilla, and Iron Claw

A new deal between A24 and Warner Bros. Discovery moves all of the studio's upcoming films to the streaming platform after their theatrical runs

Image credit: Max, A24

If you're a fan of genre-hopping films like Everything Everywhere All at Once, indie horrors like Midsommar, or bombastic comedies like Dicks: The Musical, then you're no doubt a fan of film studio A24. And if you're a fan of A24, you might want to conider getting on the HBO train. Soon, all of your favorites will be exclusively streaming on Max.

The news comes from Variety, who reported today on an all-new deal between studio A24 and entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery. Previously, A24 had a deal with Paramount regarding the streaming rights to some of their films, but that agreement has expired, leaving HBO's parent company to claim streaming rights. This includes the currently-in-theaters Priscilla from Sophia Coppola as well as the upcoming Iron Claw from Sean Durkin and starring Zach Efron and Jeremy Allen White.

Of course, this deal shakes up steaming priorities for any fan of A24, but especially those fond of its horror output. The studio is releasing the sequel to this year's graveyard smash Talk to Me, as well as the conclusion to Ti West's X trilogy, titled xXx, in the near future. And while unnanounced, this would mean a potential sequel to AI-frightener Ex Machina would also go up on Max.

But don't think of this as just a shift for horror movies; the deal between A24 and Warner Bros. Discovery is about their entire future slate. In fact, part of the deal touches on A24 films that are already streaming on Max, such as The Whale and Uncut Gems. If you've been enjoying those films on Max already, you should be pleased to know you can keep doing so.

What's not been reported is the length of the deal. While Variety calls it a "multiyear" agreement, it's not specified how many years that entails.

But don't worry, as soon as we know, we'll tell you.

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