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AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: Almost all of the creators, owners, conventions, press, listed as being owed money by the comic publisher

All the creators, the staff, the owners, and more who are owed money by AfterShock, according to AfterShock

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics
Note: This article was updated 01/10/23

In the fallout of AfterShock Comics bankruptcy filing on December 19, much has come out about what led up to the situation, as well as what might come next. But what is overlooked in here are the individuals and companies who are owed money by AfterShock - by AfterShock's own admission even, in court filings.

With that in mind, Popverse has assembled the full list of those owed money by AfterShock Comics according to its December 19, 2022 bankruptcy filing - with context added by us in terms of groupings, company type, and more, based on what we could find. We look forward to updating this story as people are paid what they are owed.

But that brings up another situation...

Who is owed money by AfterShock Comics that weren't listed on its bankruptcy filings

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

Popverse has confirmed that additional individuals and companies are owed money, besides who and what are listed on the December 19 bankruptcy filing.

And in one case, AfterShock's seemingly biggest outstanding creditor - Access Road Capital, with its $13m+ loan which AfterShock has stated in court filings is the reason it decided to file for bankruptcy - was listed as a creditor by AfterShock, but not among its biggest.

What about those owed money by AfterShock Comics' sister company, Rive Gauche?

At this time we have not factored in the listed creditors in the Rive Gauche bankruptcy filing, instead focusing on those from AfterShock Media's comic business, AfterShock Comics.

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: AfterShock Owners owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

When a company launches, it uses money - in many cases, money provided by its owners. That's no different with AfterShock, with funds provided by its initial owners, as well as subsequent owners brought in later on.

While it's to be expected that CEO Jon Kramer and President Lee Kramer (yes, they're related) own portions of the company, we have also confirmed that co-founders/staff Joe Pruett and (former staff) Mike Marts are also shareholders, and among those owed - both individually and through companies they own.

According to AfterShock's December 19 bankruptcy filing, one of its biggest unsecured creditors is AS Comics LTD - a UK-based company owned by Atlantic Screen Company (AfterShock Comics president Lee Kramer is on its board), an investment fund which owns a minority stake in AfterShock.

AfterShock Comics also lists AfterShock Comics (itself) as amongst the companies in which it owes money.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
AS Comics LTD Comic company $514,326.00
AfterShock Comics, LLC Publishing Company Not Listed
Atlantic Screen Media Investment Fund Not Listed
Jawad Qureshi Technology advisor & strategist Not Listed
Joe Pruett Publisher / chief creative officer / writer Not Listed
Jonathan Kramer Chief executive officer Not Listed
Jon Kramer Distribution Owned by Jonathan Kramer Not Listed
Kramer Family Trust Owned by Kramer family Not Listed
Lee Andrew Kramer President Not Listed
Michael J. Marts Former editor-in-chief Not Listed
Bellatrix Publishing Michael Marts' company Not Listed
Rive Gauche Television Television production, acquisition, distribution company Not Listed
Rive Gauche Televison acctg Television production, acquisition, distribution company Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the AfterShock staff owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

In addition to co-owners who are staff such as those listed above who are owed money, the December 19 AfterShock Comics bankruptcy filing revealed that two of the company's staff who aren't owners are owed money.

The company's executive VP of film & TV david Sigurani is also a creditor, to the amount of $78,000.

In addition, AfterShock Comics' design manager Charles Pritchett is owed an undisclosed amount of money, and Bonfire Agency - a company co-owned by AfterShock's senior VP of sales and marketing Steve Rotterdam, is also on the books as an unsecured creditor .

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
David Sigurani Executive Vice President, Film & Television at AfterShock Media $78,000.00
Charles Pritchett Design manager Not Listed
Bonfire Agency LCC Marketing and Advertising co-owned by Steve Rotterdam Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the government departments and organizations owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

Buried deep in the pages of AfterShock Comics' December 19 bankruptcy filing is a number of US federal and state governmental agencies in which the company says its owed money to.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Internal Revenue Service Federal tax department $3672.26 *according to note filed by IRS
U.S. Trustee, San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy component of the Justice Department Not Listed
California Employment Dev. Dept. Unemployment, disability, paid family leave benefits department Not Listed
Bankruptcy Special Procedures Group A section of the California Employment Development Department Not Listed
Franchise Tax Board, Special Procedures - Insolvency Income tax collection Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the law firms owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

A company of any significant size uses the services of lawyers, law firms, and companies dealing with legal issues, and AfterShock is no different. AfterShock has listed six law firms as unsecured creditors on its December 19 bankruptcy filing, including the law firm its using to represent it in the bankruptcy case, David L. Neale, Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Golubchik L.L.P.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Sacker Entertainment Law Law Firm $34,500.00
Ziffren Brittenham LLP Law Firm $31,250.00
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP Law Firm $13,476.00
David L. Neale, Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Golubchik L.L.P Lawyer Not Listed
Howard Steinberg, Greenberg Traurig LLC Lawyer Not Listed

Aftershock Comics bankruptcy: the financial companies owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

There are two financial companies which AfterShock claims it owes money to, in addition to its co-owner Atlantic Screen Media. American Express has filed a note that they are owed $76647.46, and the capital company Access Road Capital LLC is listed as a creditor, but with no amount given. Other court filings reveal that AfterShock owes $13+ million to Access Road Capital, according to Access Road Capital and AfterShock.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
American Express Credit Card Company $76,647.46 *according to ntoe filed by American Express
Access Road Capital LLC Capital Investor Not Listed (see companion article)

Aftershock Comics bankruptcy: accounting companies owed money

A company of this size needs accountants, and also independent auditors to review those books. For AfterShock, it seems to be with the Encino, California-based Rose Snyder & Jacobs LLP.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Rose Snyder & Jacobs LLP Accounting $17,435.00

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the public relations, marketing, and branding companies owed money

There's making comics, and then communicating that those comics have been made. That is the work of public relations, marketing, and branding companies. In addition to its long-time publicist Aaron Marion (formerly a freelancer, now on staff as director of publicity), AfterShock has also used the services of public relations companies such as Public Haus.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
PublicHaus Communication LLC Public Relations Agency $25,000.00
Fidelitas Development Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Company $21,025.93
Edward M. Catto (Bonfire Agency) Marketing and Advertising Not Listed
Modern Fanatic Marketing Not Listed
HelloMuller, Ltd Design Studio owned by Tom Muller Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the tech companies owed money

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Baseline LLC/Studio System Entertainment Data Company Not Listed
Citinet Solutions, LLC Software Designer Not Listed
Naysel Entertainment AV Company Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the healthcare companies owed money

AfterShock employees have a health care plan through UnitedHealthCare, and AfterShock Comics' bankruptcy filing reveals that it is in arrears with the insurer for an undisclosed amount.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
UnitedHealthCare Health Insurance Company Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the printers owned money

A key part of being a comics publisher is physically printing those comics, using the services of outside printing companies. According to AfterShock's bankruptcy filing, it is in arrears with five printing houses for over $400,000. It's unclear at this stage if these printers are continuing to print books for the company.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Imprimerie L'Empreinte Printing Company $398,887.00
Imprimerie Solisco Inc Printing Company $29,263.00
Artist Express Printing Company Not Listed
Printology LLC Printing Company Not Listed
Transcontinental Printing Company Not Listed

Aftershock Comics bankruptcy: the comic stores and comic store owners owed money

Curiously, amidst the list of unsecured creditors in AfterShock Comics' bankruptcy filing are four comic book store owners individually, and two comic stores. One of the comic book stores, Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, also runs the beloved HeroesCon - so this inclusion may be for convention expenses rather than comic book store expenses.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Andrew Iwamasa (Midland) Proprietor of comic store Not Listed
Heroes Aren't Hard To Find Comic store Not Listed
Joshua Strausbaugh (Infinite Machine Comics) Proprietor of comic store Not Listed
Juan Navarro (Goblins Heist) Proprietor of comic store Not Listed
More Fun Inc. Comic store Not Listed
Slade Germain (Friendly Neighborhood Comics) Proprietor of comic store Not Listed

Aftershock Comics bankruptcy: event companies owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

The AfterShock Comics booth has been a familiar area at most major conventions in recent years. Seemingly out of those appearances however, AfterShock says it owes money to Comic-Con International: San Diego's parent company San Diego Comic Con, and also ReedPop - the company behind New York Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City, and Popverse.

The third company listed here, Freeman, is a behind-the-scenes logistics company which many convention companies and convention centers use for set-up and facilitation of events.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
San Diego Comic Convention Convention Company $17,000.00
Reed Exhibitions Media/Trade/Event Company **note, Reed Exhibitions is Popverse's parent company Not Listed
Freeman Trade Show, Exhibit, and Event Company Not Listed

Aftershock Comics bankruptcy: the retail companies owed money

AfterShock also owes several companies moeney relating to electronics, apparel, book displays, as well as nuts & fruit. Yes, nuts & fruit.

Company Name Company Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Tri Vision Int'l Inc. Consumer Electronic Equipment $118,399.00
Amnesia Inc Retail sale of clothing, furnishings, and accessories for men, women, and children. Not Listed
City Diecutting - BookDisplays LLC Book displays Not Listed
OFS BrightWave LLC FiberOptic Products Not Listed
Trinity Peck Nut and Fruit company Not Listed

AfterShock Comics bankruptcy: the creators owed money

AfterShock Comics
Image credit: AfterShock Comics

In terms of number, the largest portion of unpaid creditors according to AfterShock Comics' bankruptcy filing is to the people who write, draw, letter, and color the comic books they publish. We have listed their names and roles below.

Name Creator Type Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Mattia Monaco Artist $18,000.00
Emilio Pilliu Artist $15,500.00
Alberto Locatelli Artist $15,000.00
Inaki Miranda Paniagua Artist $10,010.00
Damian Couceiro Artist $8,800.00
Mark Englert Artist $8,600.00
Alberto Alburquerque Artist Not Listed
Alberto Locatelli Artist Not Listed
Alex Cormack Artist Not Listed
Alex Segura Writer Not Listed
Andrea Mutti Artist Not Listed
Andrea Olimpieri Artist Not Listed
Andrew Clarke Artist Not Listed
Andrew T. MacDonald Artist Not Listed
Anthony Cleveland Writer Not Listed
Brian Hawkins Writer Not Listed
Brian Thomas Buccellato Writer Not Listed
Bryan Hill Writer Not Listed
Carlos Mangual Letterer Not Listed
Carmelo Zagaria Artist Not Listed
Chris O'Halloran Colorist Not Listed
Christopher W. Sebela Writer Not Listed
Cliff Richards Artist Not Listed
Corey Breen Artist Not Listed
Cullen Bunn Writer Not Listed
Damian Couceiro Artist Not Listed
Dan Abnett Writer Not Listed
David Hazan Writer/Editor Not Listed
David Sharpe Letterer Not Listed
Dee Cunniffe Colorist Not Listed
DJ Chavis Colorist Not Listed
Elliott Kalan Writer Not Listed
Emilio Pilliu Artist Not Listed
Erica Schultz Writer Not Listed
Eva de la Cruz Colorist Not Listed
Francesco Segala Colorist Not Listed
Francisco Biagini Artist Not Listed
Gioele Filippo Artist Not Listed
Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou Letterer Not Listed
Hayden Sherman Artist Not Listed
Jacob Phillips Artist Not Listed
Jamal Yaseem Igle Artist Not Listed
Jason Wordie Colorist Not Listed
Jeremy Haun Artist Not Listed
Joe Crohn Writer Not Listed
Joe Mulvey Artist Not Listed
John Lees Writer Not Listed
Jonathan Luna Artist/Writer Not Listed
Jose Holder Artist Not Listed
Jose Villarrubia Artist Not Listed
Joseph Eisma Artist Not Listed
Juan Ignacio Velez Gaitan Colorist Not Listed
Julio Martinez Perez Artist Not Listed
Kelly Fitzpatrick Colorist Not Listed
Kieran McKeown Artist Not Listed
Laurence Campbell Artist Not Listed
Lee Loughridge III Artist/Colorist Not Listed
Lorenzo Scaramella Artist Not Listed
Manuel Puppo Colorist Not Listed
Marcelo Maiolo Colorist Not Listed
Mark Englert Artist Not Listed
Mark Sable Writer Not Listed
Mark Torres Artist Not Listed
Matt Herms Artist Not Listed
Matt Krotzer Letterer Not Listed
Mattia Monaco Artist Not Listed
Mike Rooth Artist Not Listed
Nick Filardi Artist Not Listed
Nick Santora Writer Not Listed
Olivia Briggs Writer Not Listed
Orhan Umut Gokcek Artist Not Listed
Pablo Raimondi Writer Not Listed
Pat Olliffe Artist Not Listed
Patricio Delpeche Colorist Not Listed
Paul Azaceta Artist Not Listed
Paul Taegel Writer Not Listed
Paul Tobin Writer Not Listed
Peter Milligan Creations Writer Not Listed
Peter Tomasi Writer Not Listed
Piotr Kowalski Writer Not Listed
Rafael de Latorre Artist Not Listed
Rem Broo - Remus Brezeanu Artist Not Listed
Rex Ogle Writer Not Listed
Ricky Mammone Writer Not Listed
Rob Steen Artist Not Listed
Robert Schwager Artist Not Listed
Roberta Ingranata Artist Not Listed
Rod Gonzalez Artist Not Listed
Rodrigo Zayas Artist Not Listed
Roy Miranda Writer Not Listed
Russell James Wooton Artist Not Listed
Ryan Lindsay Writer Not Listed
Sal Cipriana Artist Not Listed
Sam Romesburg Writer Not Listed
Sami Kivela Artist Not Listed
Sara Colella Artist Not Listed
Shawn Lee Artist Not Listed
Simon Bowland Letterer Not Listed
Stefano Nesi Artist Not Listed
Stephan Nilson Writer Not Listed
Stephanie Phillips Writer Not Listed
Stephen Thompson Artist Not Listed
Steve Orlando Writer Not Listed
Szymon Kudranski Artist Not Listed
Tara O'Connor Artist Not Listed *Note, O'Connor has noted on Twitter that she has been paid monies owed
Taylor Esposito Letterer Not Listed
Tonci Zonjic Artist Not Listed
Tyler Boss Artist Not Listed
Valentina Bianconi Colorist and Artist Not Listed
Valentina Briski Colorist Not Listed

Others owed by Aftershock

After tabulating and organizing all the above unpaid creditors listed by AfterShock Comics, there are additional individuals who we haven't at this time been able to determine what services they provided to AfterShock Comics. Regardless, they are owed money according to the company - and here they are.

Individual's Name Role Unsecured Claim (if listed)
Alex Pruett Not Listed
Brett Schenker Not Listed
Charles J. Burgio Not Listed
Cody Joy Not Listed
Daniel Lopez Not Listed
David Harris Not Listed
David Lawrence Johnson Not Listed
Denilson Santtos Not Listed
Dorothy LeAnn Sukman Not Listed
Eric O'Connor Not Listed
Grant DeArmitt Not Listed
Grant Woodard Not Listed
Howard Steven Lowe Not Listed
Jack E Maraglia Not Listed
Jacob Cannon Not Listed
James Gonyea Not Listed
Jeff A Spry Not Listed
John Siuntres Not Listed
Joshua Waldrop Not Listed
Justin Macuga Not Listed
Justin Owen Smith Not Listed
Kevin Wayne Smith Not Listed
Korey Bell Not Listed
Manuel Mendiola Not Listed
Mario Lorente Diez Not Listed
Matthew Sabatino Not Listed
Maxmiliano Dallo Not Listed
Michael J Clarke Not Listed
Michael Leonor Not Listed
Michael Lightell Not Listed
Mitchell S. Gurowitz Not Listed
Nate Townsend Not Listed
Peter Marsh Not Listed
Rae Hancock Not Listed
Ruben Rubine Cubiles Not Listed
Rudy Vela Not Listed
Russell Jacob Singer Not Listed
Ruth Reeves Not Listed
Sam Freeman Not Listed
Stephen Pruett Not Listed
Sullivan Fitzgerald Not Listed
Tom Novak Not Listed

Inside the AfterShock Comics bankruptcy - $10m+ owed, staff departures, more.

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