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Star Wars' Ahsoka: is that [SPOILER] returning as [SPOILER] in Ahsoka Episode 7?

A major Star Wars character appeared in last night's episode of Disney+'s Ahsoka. But did the original actor play them?

Image credit: Disney, Lucasfilm

This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 7.

Poor Hera Syndulla. All she's done throughout the length of the Ahsoka miniseries is tell the truth, and all she's gotten for it is trouble. As the curtains rise on the seventh and penultimate chapter of the Disney+ series, Hera is in front of a New Republic tribunal, accused of falsifying reports of Grand Admiral Thrawn's return. Fortunately, there's at least one person who has her back.

Well, not "person," per se, but it is someone with a galaxy's worth of clout.

C-3PO makes his Ahsoka debut to come to Hera's rescue before the disciplinary hearing, stating that he's there on orders from Leia Organa herself, who he claims believes Hera's warnings about Thrawn.

Unlike certain other returning characters, such as Anakin Skywalker, Mon Mothma, and Thrawn himself, C-3PO's involvement in the series was a total surprise, his appearance sucessfully kept under gold, metalic wraps until it happened. And as soon as fans caught a glimpse of the synthetic and shiny cynic, there was one question on all of their minds. Who played the droid, and was it the same person who always has? In other words...

Does Anthony Daniels play C-3PO in Ahsoka?

Image credit: Disney, Lucasfilm

We're thrilled to report that, yes, Anthony Daniels does voice C-3PO in Ahsoka, marking not just the latest live-action appearance of the Star Wars character, but the second of the character's appearances in 'The MandoVerse,' (that is, the Star Wars series spinning out of The Mandalorian) after a brief cameo in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Daniels's portrayal has been confirmed by multiple sources, including Entertainment Weekly.

Also interesting for fans of the character is the fact that Daniels' appearance is a record-breaker. As reported by The Direct, C-3PO's return makes for 12 appearances of fan-favorite mechanical man across Star Wars's live-action chapters, beginning with the very first film.

Ahsoka's eighth and final episode premieres October 3 on Disney+.

Provided he's not sick of putting on what looks to be a very restrictive costume, Anthony Daniels has plenty more opportunities to appear in the Star Wars universe. here's a list of them, in the form of Popverse's guide to upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows.