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American Born Chinese's Daniel Wu joins Enter the Popverse this week to talk Evermind with artist Sean Chen

Wu and Chen talk about the origins of their sci-fi graphic novel, and more

Enter the Popverse Episode 34
Image credit: Popverse

Fans of shows such as Into the Badlands and American Born Chinese already know and love Daniel Wu — he’s the Monkey King in the latter series, if you’re wondering — but very soon, Wu will be known for his writer prowess as well as his acting, as this week’s Enter the Popverse is going to make clear.

Yes, this week’s episode of the finest weekly video pop culture cornucopia on the internet sees Wu step into the virtual interview booth alongside comic book artist Sean Chen, with both talking to host and video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson about their brand new (and currently being Kickstarted) comic book collaboration, Evermind. The future of human/robot interaction has arrived, and Wu and Chen are ready to tell you all about it.

But that’s not even vaguely all, as unofficial co-host Graeme McMillan also drops in to talk about the actors strike and the fact that SAG-AFTRA members approved a video game strike in addition to the ongoing film and television strike. What does that mean for fans, and does it make it more or less likely that the film and TV portion will be wrapped up sooner than people expect?

It’s all in Enter the Popverse episode 34, which will drop this Friday at the usual time: 1pm EST, and 10AM PST. To tune in, just click here and offer comments in the YouTube chat, or bookmark this page and come back Friday to watch the embed below.

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The actors strike continues apace; here’s a reminder about what issues are at stake for the whole thing.

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