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American Horror Story: Delicate release date could be coming soon (at least according to Emma Roberts)

The star of several AHS seasons posted to Instagram about filming having wrapped, but what does that mean?

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We're back, baby.

After a months-long break, the twelfth season of American Horror Story Season 12, titled Delicate, has finished filming. At least, that appears to be the case, according to this post from returning AHS star Emma Roberts:

Image credit: Instagram, Emma Roberts

Before you start celebrating, here's an important caveat. It is very possible that what Roberts is referring to here is her last day of filming, rather than the last day of filming for the entire crew. Still, considering the fact that Roberts is literally the main character of this season, there's a high possibility that the latter is true.

Fans of AHS already know that the first part of Season 12 has already aired; it went from September to October of 2023 before breaking due to the writers and actors strike of last year. This update was our first possible confirmation that the show finished production.

So what does this mean for anyone eager for the next AHS episode? Well, we've already speculated on American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two's release date. Long story short, if post-production takes a long on Part 2 of Delicate as it did on Part 1 (about four months), we may be seeing the second half debut in June of 2024.

Keep in mind, though, that's only speculation on our part. Like the baby at the center of Delicate's plot, the show will arrive whenever it wants to...

Or at least, when the dark forces that created it decide to unleash it on the world.

We're big fans of American Horror Story over here at Popverse. If you're interested in getting into the anthology series yourself, check out our American Horror Story watch guide to start your journey into the dark.

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