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American Rust: Broken Justice star Maura Tierney slapped a cellphone on set

"And I whacked it one, and it hit her in the face." Tierney says

Maura Tierney in American Rust
Image credit: Prime Video

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Both literary and television fans of American Rust have been in for such a treat this year - a second season of the show and expansion on the story of Dell Harris and Grace Poe readers first met in the pages of Philipp Meyer's 2009 novel. Technology has evolved significantly since the book's initial publication which presents new challenges for both the characters and the actors using them on set. In particular, Grace Poe who is played by Maura Tierney.

Happily for us, Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson was able to sit down remotely with Tierney, Jeff Daniels, and the rest of the American Rust: Broken Justice cast ahead of the season two premiere episode to do some investigating of her own about how the actors deal with such heavy subject matter day-to-day and uncover where funny moment may have come from.

"And I whacked it one, and it hit her in the face," Maura Tierney admits to Popverse about a physical scene, "And I was like, 'Oh, shit!' but it did look better and she was fine. So everything was fine and it was fun, yeah."

Watch our interview clip with Maura Tierney and Jeff Daniels here:

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American Rust: Broken Justice is streaming now on Prime Video and also stars: Alex Neustaedter (Colony), Rob Yang (Succession), Julia Mayorga (Rare Objects), Luna Lauren Velez (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse), and more.

Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney chat the surprisingly difficult scene to film in American Rust season 2