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The winners for the 2023 Angoulême Comics Festival Awards are...

Europe's premiere comics festival hosts its annual awards this January; see who's won the plaudits

Image credit: Angoulême Festival

Since 1973, the French city of Angoulême has played host to Europe’s most celebrated annual comic book festival. Over the course of three January days, creators gather to celebrate, discuss, and most importantly, award the year’s most excellent comics.

This year’s event, the 50th Annual Angoulême Festival is currently taking place across January 26-29, and has already named the winners of its many plaudits.

French cartoonist Riad Sattouf, known for his critically acclaimed series The Arab of the Future — published in the US by Pantheon since 2015 — won the Grand Prix at the Festival’s opening ceremony on Wednesday night.

“I’ve had a huge ego since I was a teenager,” he wrote in an email to Le Monde following his win. “I admit that I dreamed of publishing books under my name, I dreamed of being successful, I dreamed that journalists from LeMonde would interview me about my work. But as far as winning the Angoulême Grand Prix, it never really crossed my mind.”

On Thursday evening, winners in the other categories eligible were awarded. The full winners list is:

  • Le prix des écoles d’Angoulême La petite évasion by Dorothée De Monfreid and Marzena Sowa
  • Le prix des collèges Simone by Jean-David Morvan, David Evrard and Walter Pezzali
  • Le Prix des lycées Nourrir l'humanité by SylvainRunberg and Miki Montllo
  • L’Hippocampe Or Individuel adulte Marjorie Claudel
  • L’Hippocampe Or Individuel jeune Inès Sanchez Royant
  • L’Hippocampe Or collectif adulte Christian and Pierre-Louis
  • L’Hippocampe Or collectif jeune Marie, Yaouline, Mateo, Luz Bella, Remi, Bastien, Ambre et Casper
  • Le Prix Fred Coulaud Xavier Philippet
  • Concours de la BD Scolaire - Prix Espoir Bientôt by Noa Guerry Guillet
  • Concours de la BD Scolaire - Prix Scénario L'Écureuil malin by Linda Di Bari and Mila Estelle Finazzo Pinana
  • Concours de la BD Scolaire - Prix Graphisme Catch Me by Capucine Lamothe
  • Concours de la BD Scolaire - Prix Coup de Coeur Regard Biaisé by Penélope Costa
  • Concours de la BD Scolaire - Prix d'Angoulême Cross by Adèle Chami
  • Lauréate du Prix Jeunes Talents 2023 La Maladie de l’Amour by Clara Hervé
  • Les lauréats du concours Julia Izambart (3rd), Lee Fong Kin (2nd), Louise Patron (1st)
  • Le lauréat du Prix Literary Project Unesco James Taylor
  • Le Fauve d’Angoulême Prix Jeunesse La Longue marche des dindes by Léonie Bischoff and Kathleen Karr
  • Le Fauve spécial du Jury Jeunesse Toutes les princesses meurent après minuit by Quinton Vuitton
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