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One Piece takes over Las Vegas' Sphere to celebrate the anime's anniversary, and you can see it for yourself

Prepare to see the biggest One Piece display in the franchise's history

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The Straw Hat Pirates have taken over Sphere in Las Vegas — and it’s just the start of the latest campaign to help One Piece take over the world.

Since opening last year, Sphere — which is the most expensive entertainment venue built in Las Vegas, and features a 18,600 seat auditorium and immersive audio and video capabilities with somewhere in the region of 580,000 square feet of LED displays — has played host to a 40-show residency from U2, and an exclusive documentary created for the location by leading director Darren Aronofsky. Starring June 10, it’ll also feature a weeklong residency for Toei Animation’s One Piece, celebrating both the 25th anniversary of the anime and the soft-launch of an English-language channel dedicated to the show.

As part of the residency, June 11 saw the debut of the largest-ever One Piece display, a 90-second animation specifically created for the event. If you’re wondering just what it means to be the largest ever, bear in mind that Sphere is 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide. Want to see it for yourself? You’re in luck:

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In addition to the above video, Toei Animation also provided the following images from the animation unveiling:

The week-long residency wasn’t just to celebrate the anniversary of the anime; it’s also marking the launch of Toei’s English language YouTube channel for One Piece, which is intended to be “home to English-speaking fans around the world and their source for official news, information and special video content about One Piece.” The channel is up and running, and filled with all the videos you could hope for.

We’ve been thinking a lot about One Piece anime lately, with the English language voice cast sharing what they love about creator Eiichiro Oda and talking about the life lessons the show has taught them. Maybe it’s enough to make you want to catch up with the show; we can help with that.

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