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Minami in the Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable trailer

Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable anime release date: When is the cozy romantic comedy airing?

Everyone in this show already looks super adorable.

Trent Cannon

Screenshot from Dr. Stone episode 16

Dr. Stone season 3 finale: When is Dr. Stone: New World coming to an end?

Senku's quest to revive humanity takes him across the seas

Trent Cannon

The Spear of Longinus in Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion (and its creator) get a monument - a 22-foot tall Spear of Longinus - in Japan

If any Angel's attack, at least we know where to find our best weapon.

Trent Cannon

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: How to watch the classic anime franchise in order - chronological or release!

Get your super GT DBZ fix with our guide to watching Dragon Ball in multiple ways

Trent Cannon

Dr. Stone

Spoilers! The one scene from Dr. Stone: New World that the animators hated to do

The Dr. Stone animators aren't as stone-faced as their characters.

Chris Arrant

Code Geass Lelouch using his Geass

Code Geass: How to watch every movie and series of the anime franchise in order

We got two different timelines, each with giant mech battles.

Trent Cannon

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