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New One Piece episodes are coming to Crunchyroll in September - but Microsoft Store is getting it even sooner!

The announcement came during Anime Expo 2024

One Piece Egghead Island arc image
Image credit: Toei Animation

The Straw Hat pirates never stop going to new and exciting places, but the current arc in the manga has taken them to a place that seems flung from the far future. The Egghead Island arc is still ongoing in Japan, but fans of the dub will soon get the chance to see the wonders of the future for themselves as the One Piece Egghead Island arc gets its first English dub episodes in just a few weeks.

Toei Animation and Crunchyroll confirmed the release date for the Egghead Island English dub at the Anime Expo 2024 panel. The first batch of episodes will be available on the Microsoft Store on August 27, 2024 and will stream on Crunchyroll a few weeks later on September 17. That batch will include episodes 1086-1096.

This will actually put the One Piece dub dangerously close to being completely caught up with the Japanese release. Only a few dozen episodes will still need to be dubbed by the English cast. However, Toei and Crunchyroll didn’t offer any details on when further batches of One Piece Egghead Island arc dubbed episodes would be released, but we would guess that at least one more batch would hit in the Fall and then another in the Winter seasons.

One thing that might make it more difficult for the studios to plan the release of the One Piece Egghead Island dub is the fact that it is still ongoing in Eiichiro Oda’s manga. Without a plan of how many episodes they will need to dub thanks to One Piece’s continuous release schedule, it could be a long time before they manage to dub every episode of One Piece.

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