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Crunchyroll debuts our first look at Solo Leveling season 2 at Anime Expo 2024

Jin-woo has a whole new set of powers to show off

Solo Leveling season 2 trailer screenshot
Image credit: A-1 Productions

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It was one of the biggest anime debuts this year, but we’ll soon be getting even more Solo Leveling anime. The second season was announced as soon as the first one ended, but Crunchyroll waited until Anime Expo 2024 to give us our first look at what is in store for Jin-woo as he unlocks his new powers.

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Solo Leveling Season Two: Arise from the Shadow is already one of the most highly anticipated upcoming anime, so it is hard to imagine our hype getting any bigger for it. The trailer that Crunchyroll shared during their panel at Anime Expo didn’t give anything away about the plot, but it did show off the Shadow Monarch powers that Jin-woo got at the end of season one. We got to see the legions of shadows at his disposal and even Igris, the powerful Knight Commander that Jin-woo acquired just before the credits rolled on the final episode.

One thing that is missing from this footage is any other human characters that proved to be the biggest obstacle in Jin-woo’s path to greater power. Considering that we know at least one S-Ranked Hunter has him in his sights, we expect that trend to continue into season two.

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We still don’t have a release date for Solo Leveling season two. The only thing that the teaser trailer hinted at on that matter was a simple “Coming Soon” flash of text, though we wouldn’t expect to see new episodes out before well into 2025 at this rate.

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