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Crunchyroll will continue to stream The Apothecary Diaries season 2 when it airs in 2025

What royal court is complete without a little murder?

The Apothecary Diaries season 1 screenshot
Image credit: Toho Animation Studio

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Nothing gets us excited quite like a good, old-fashioned murder mystery, but The Apothecary Diaries offers a fun twist on the genre by setting in a pseudo-Imperial China. When the first season ended earlier this year, it was announced that a second season was on its way, and now we know that Crunchyroll will continue to stream Maomao and Jinshi’s adventures in courtly intrigue and murder.

Like the first season, Crunchyroll will stream The Apothecary Diaries season two in most territories outside of Asia. We still don’t have a specific release date for the new episodes, but we do know that it will air sometime in 2025 and tackle the next set of volumes in Natsu Hyuga’s popular light novel series.

The Apothecary Diaries is set in a fictional version of Imperial China and follows Maomao, an apothecary’s daughter who is kidnapped and sold to the Imperial Palace. Despite wanting to remain anonymous and serve out her time in servitude in peace, she continually has to use her knowledge of poisons and medicine to solve various murders and illnesses around the palace, along with the influential court eunuch Jinshi.

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Crunchyroll streamed the first season when it debuted in October 2023, so it isn’t entirely surprising that they’ll be carrying Apothecary Diaries season two when it airs. Still, it solves at least one mystery of how we’ll watch the new season next year. Now, we just need to figure out when it will air and how many episodes it will have.

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