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Arrowverse rises?: The cast of Arrow speculates on a potential revival

The cast of Arrow recently spoke about the possibility of their show returning for another season.

The superhero drama Arrow aired its final episode in 2020, but could a revival be in the works? The cast discussed the possibility at a reunion panel during this March's Emerald City Comic Con. “We had it real good. Why did we stop,” Stephen Amell mused in conversation with his co-stars. “I don’t think we should have,” Juliana Harkavy added. “The way things go, we have a couple more years until the reboot,” Colton Haynes said. “I feel like if Stephen says we should do more, they will say okay.”

Harkavy and Haynes then looked to Amell, as if waiting for to pitch the reboot. “Let’s give Heels a couple more seasons,” Haynes said, referring to the television drama Amell is currently in. “Yeah, me and my family of Starz appreciate it,” Amell replied.

“The key for anything is timing,” Amell said. He then spoke about reprising his role as Oliver Queen during the final season of The Flash. He acknowledged that the CW’s Arrowverse is wrapping up, but he wouldn’t rule out the idea of donning the emerald costume again. “I anticipate doing more in the future.”

As for what the plot would cover, the cast speculated on the whereabouts of their characters, with Haynes reminding us that Roy Harper was last seen with Thea Queen. “They’re probably off honeymooning somewhere. It’s been a four-year honeymoon, but I hope they’re still together,” Haynes joked.

Along these lines, Arrow was originally set to have a sequel series called Green Arrow and the Canaries, but it never made it past the pilot stage. “We were going to see a side of Dinah that we never got to see,” Harkavy revealed. She spoke about how she gave the producers some ideas for Dinah Drake’s characterization in the potential sequel. “All these details would have been good to see on Arrow, but for now they just live in our imagination,” Harkavy said.

During the question and answer portion of the panel, a fan asked the cast about the cast working with James Gunn in his new DC Universe. Amell gave an optimistic answer. “Colton, Juliana, and myself have built up good currency with DC fans, and comic book fans, and Arsenal fans, and Canary fans, and Arrow fans. I think that going forward, of course there’s an opportunity to do something in the new DC Universe.”

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