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Arrow's Stephen Amell reveals the truth about the show: The Flash's catering was better

Arrow’s Stephen Amell used to sneak to the set of another DC show because their food was better.

Image credit: Warner Bros. Television

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During its height, the CW’s Arrowverse was the pinnacle of superhero television. Each DC Comics television drama was filled with unique heroes, terrifying villains, and exciting adventures. Arrow had dark violence, Flash had science fiction fun, Legends of Tomorrow was a comedy adventure, Batwoman was a gritty action show, and Supergirl was old-school superhero fun.

(Honorable mention to Black Lightning, an awesome Arrowverse-adjacent show filmed in Atlanta, Georgia)

However, the real question is, which show had the best catering? Did the crew of the Waverider eat better than the scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs?

This is what I love about conventions. Spotlight panels are a great place to get fun bits of trivia like this. During a panel at Megacon 2024, Arrow star Stephen Amell was asked which show had the best catering.

“Flash, for sure,” Amell answered. “I mean, their catering. It was so good. We were on the same lot in Vancouver. I would sneak over there to eat.”

Amell had plenty of opportunities to sample The Flash’s catering. The actor made numerous guest-appearances on the show, plus there were the annual crossover events. Still, a lead actor shouldn’t have to sneak onto another set to get a good bite to eat.

Arrow caterers, you have failed this actor.

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