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Arrow's Stephen Amell reveals his one complaint about the DC/CW Arrowverse crossovers

Getting a group of DC superheroes together on screen is cool to watch, but hard to film.

Arrowverse crossover
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It’s always inspiring to see heroes come together, even if it’s difficult to coordinate behind the scenes.

One of the highlights of the Arrowverse was their annual crossovers. Each year, the CW would air a massive event that brought all of their DC Universe television projects together. It began in 2014 when The Flash and Arrow crossed over in a 2-part television event titled ‘Flash vs. Arrow.’ However, as the CW ordered more Arrowverse shows, the crossovers grew. The 2019 mega-event Crisis on Infinite Earths encompassed five different television shows, in addition to featuring cameos from many other shows.

Fans were feasting, but the cast was suffering. During a spotlight panel at Megacon 2024, Arrow star Stephen Amell opened up about the difficulties filming these events.

“The crossovers were always great…no they weren’t. The end product was always great. The process of filming then was sometimes a little cumbersome,” Amell says.

“Scenes with 20 are never that much fun to film. Again, they look great. But the crossovers were great when it was me and Grant [Gustin] hanging out and doing a buddy adventure. That was always really fun.”

The crossovers led to many memorable moments. One notable example was in 2018’s ‘Elseworlds,’ where Barry Allen and Oliver Queen switched heroic identities. Amell reminisced about what it was like wearing the Flash costume.

“The funniest moment was the first time that all of my Arrow castmates and the crew saw me in the Flash suit. David [Ramsey] just walked up to me and goes, ‘I can’t.’ On The Flash set, everyone was fine. But when you get back to my people, they treat me like shit.”

Don’t worry Stephen, we thought you looked cool.

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