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Louise Saul

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Contributing writer

Louise Saul is a writer of all things geeky based in the North of England. After doing a degree in Biochemistry and spending a few years in the science industry, she decided to follow her passion of writing. Starting out by writing about video games and martial arts, that work has since expanded to areas such as science, comics, cosplay, films, and tv shows. Her work has included interviewing some of the biggest names in the geek world, as well covering events, writing breaking news, lists, features, and reviews both online and for magazines. As well as writing, Louise is a regular on the convention scene as an avid cosplayer, and has hosted panels at conventions all over the UK on the topics of comics, science, cosplay, writing, and mental health. Outside of work, Louise is a keen martial artist and rock climber, having a third-degree black belt in Aikido and having traveled all over the world to compete for Great Britain.