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Avery Hill's Spring 2023 Kickstarter campaign is live, featuring comics by Nicole Goux, K. Briggs, and Ellice Weaver

Avery Hill has just launched their newest Kickstarter

Graphic that reads Avery  Hill Publishing Spring 2023 Line! and three graphic novel covers
Image credit: Avery Hill

London-based publishing company Avery Hill, known for publishing the work of cartoonists like Tillie Walden, Zoe Thorogood, and Lizzy Stewart, have just launched their Spring 2023 Kickstarter featuring three books (the first half of their 2023 line): Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux, Macbeth by K. Briggs, and Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver.

The Kickstarter campaign rewards include hard copies and PDFS of each new book, as well as bundles including other Avery Hill titles, with original art available as add-on rewards. Because this happens to be Avery Hill's tenth anniversary, they are also offering special items as a part of the Kickstarter, such as an anniversary bundle of comics and a set of ten postcards featuring art from Avery Hill books. The Kickstarter ends Friday, November 18 2022 2:00 PM PST, so if you want to back this project, keep an eye on that deadline.

Check out excerpts from descriptions of each project below:

Pet Peeves by Nicole Goux

"A horror story about the struggles of a young artist – haunted not only by debt and society, but by more sinister (though adorable) canine forces. The new dog that aspiring musician Bobbie has adopted is cute... but also stealing her life!"

Macbeth by K. Briggs

"With Macbeth, K. Briggs completes their adaptation of Shakespeare's dark and bloody masterpiece... an early portion of which won the Graphic Shakespeare Competition in 2016. Artwork form this project has been exhibited in Elsinore (Denmark), Tokyo, Seoul, and Manila. This book is a vivid graphic novel adaptation of the play, faithful to the original text while providing a new lavish interpretation."

Big Ugly by Ellice Weaver

"Mel isn’t going anywhere – except to work every day. But when she offers the spare room in her apartment to her struggling brother, everything she loves and hates about wanting to live up to the expectations of her family becomes part of her every day again.

"It turns out that even as adults, living with your sibling brings back the dynamics of tween rivalries. As Mel tries to rebalance things with her brother, she navigates how to offer help to someone who doesn’t want to need it."

Avery Hill was founded in 2013 by Ricky Miller and Dave White, and their team was expanded to include Katriona Chapman in 2015. To learn more about Avery Hill and their upcoming projects, check out Avery Hill's Kickstarter page.

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