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How Babs Tarr found creative freedom

Artist Babs Tarr shares her thoughts on finding happiness in the comic book industry as an independent creator.

Babs Tarr at Florida Supercon
Image credit: Popverse

Babs Tarr has found something that eludes most comic creators – zen. In an industry where most creators are plagued by disproportionate wages, cancelled projects, and layoffs, Tarr finds herself in a creative renaissance. Thanks to crowdfunding and commissions, Tarr is able to pick her projects, giving her a sense of artistic freedom that has opened so many doors.

Babs Tarr became a household name when she handled art duties on Batgirl. Working alongside Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, Tarr helped redefine the character in a run that took the industry by storm. This led to Motor Crush, a series Tarr worked on with Batgirl collaborators Fletcher and Stewart. Motor Crush is currently in the rearview mirror (for now), but Tarr’s star continues to rise.

We recently had a chance to catch up with the legendary artist, who shared her plans. From fashion to spicy dating sims, here’s what Babs Tarr is currently up to.

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