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Barbie: How and where to watch the movie at home

Barbie is finally coming to Max

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Barbie was one of the biggest hits of 2023. Not only did the doll-based movie get hordes of fans into the theaters, it got them to go back again and again. So for all of those rewatchers (and for those who missed the movie of the year in the theaters) - one of the central questions being aksed is: When can I see this movie again?

For those who are looking foward to watching this summer's hit again in the comfort of their own home, here are the deets on where and how you can watch Greta Gerwig's Barbie.

How do I watch Barbie at home?

Barbie is currently available to rent or to buy digitally on Prime Video, Apple TV, and Microsoft Store. But if you're not ready to bite the bullet and spend that extra cash now, Barbie will be heading to streaming service Max soon.

Is Barbie streaming on Max?

Not yet, but you wont have to wait too long before it is. Barbie will begin streaming on Max starting December 15. Alongside the theatrical version, there will also be an American Sign Language version available.

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