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The Barbie movie about to get bigger with an all-new post-credit scene

Want to see Barbie on the big screen? The really, REALLY big screen?

Image credit: Warner Bros. Studios

Turns out, you’ve not seen all of Barbie just yet.

The wildly successful Greta Gerwig movie is prepping a new edition of the movie which will have a limited one-week release starting September 22, which will include never-before-seen footage selected by Gerwig as a new post-credit sequence. It’s far from the sequel we’re all hoping for, but who could say no to new Barbie when we least expected it?

The new edition won’t be available everywhere, though; it’s a special Imax-only version of the movie announced by Warner Bros. Wednesday, even as the movie became the highest-grossing film of 2023 domestically. (It was already the most successful movie Warner Bros. has ever released, at least in terms of domestic box office.)

“We made Barbie for the big screen, so it’s a thrill to be able to bring it to Imax, the biggest screen of all,” Gerwig said in a statement that accompanied the announcement. “As a special thanks to Barbie fans, we’re excited to share a little bit more of our cast and crew’s incredible work by adding special new footage we hope audiences will enjoy.”

There’s no word as yet as to what the post-credit sequence is going to be — whether it’s going to be bloopers, a full scene, or something else altogether. But it’s unclear if that really matters to the fandom faithful, which Warner Bros. execs are clearly aware of; a statement from Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution, and Andrew Cripps, president of international distribution specifically says that the Imax release will allow fans to see the movie “whether for the first or fifth time.”

Barbie’s new edition will be in Imax theaters starting September 22.

Barbie was finally dethroned as the box office ruler this past weekend… but that might not last long, given the movie’s staying power.

Graeme McMillan

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