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Batman says goodbye to his Detective Comics writer this fall with "the metaphorical death and rebirth of" the Dark Knight

Detective Comics writer Ram V is leaving the Batman title in a few months

Detective Comics
Image credit: Sebastian Fiumara (DC)

Some of the best writers figure out the ending to their stories before they decide where to begin, and Ram V, the writer of DC's flagship (and namesake) Batman book Detective Comics, has had his - and he's sticking to it.

Detective Comics #1076 cover
Image credit: Jason Shawn Alexander (DC)

Ram V will be ending his current run as writer on Detective Comics this fall, capping off what will be a two-year run on the the monthly title over three acts and 28 issues which will culimate in what he has described as "the metaphorical death and rebirth of" Batman. Ram V is currently estimating his run will end with Detective Comics #1089, which, on its current release schedule, will come out in September 2024.

According to V, he and Batman group editor Ben Abernathy mapped out a hopeful 30-issue run for the writer from the beginning.

"This is the longest single work I have done so far," Ram V writes on X (formerly known as Twitter). "There were a lot of things to juggle. And the whole team, artists, letters, editors - everyone stayed with the plan. Given the nature of comics - pretty insane to be here, almost at the end!"

Ram V has several projects already announced for 2024, including three creator-owned series (The One Hand, Six Fingers, and Dawn Runner), as well as several unnannounced projects with DC as part of his recently-signed deal with the publisher.

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