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Batman is now Santa Claus (Don't ask, just buy it)

But which Batman Santa do you want? Red or Blue?

Image credit: McFarlane Toys/DC

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Batman…?

Newly announced by McFarlane Toys are two seasonal variants of DC’s Dark Knight, all decked out in festive costumes as, and I swear this is real, Batman Santa (Red Suit) and Batman Santa (Blue Suit). Because you can’t spell 'holiday cheer' without 'grim avenger of the night, known for his humorless dedication to his mission to end the kind of crime that traumatized him as a child,' am I right…?

There are layers to how weird this is, beyond the fact that 'Batman' and 'Santa Claus' are hardly synonymous. (Why not Superman? After all, he’s even teamed up with the real thing! And he already flies around the world, making people happy! It’s right there, people.) Shall we talk about how Batman Santa goes for a combo of fake white beard and armored arm plates, complete with blades attached? What about wondering what, exactly, is in Batman Santa’s sack of gifts — because the figures really do come with a sack of gifts? (“Where does he get those wonderful toys?” Indeed.)

Or what about the entire concept of a blue Santa outfit for Batman, which is a perfect combination of comic book logic? Not only is Batman’s regular outfit traditionally colored as blue in the comics, but the idea of a dual red and blue Batman Santa brings to mind the fan-favorite Superman Red/Superman Blue story, which itself got a high-profile update in the '90s. It’s reference on top of reference, and somehow it still makes absolutely no sense… which, in a twisted way, makes it perfect for the holiday season.

If we’re honest, any amount of thinking about Batman Santa and his two outfits is probably overthinking it, so instead, let’s just all be honest with ourselves and admit it: we’re all just a little tempted to buy one, right? Right? (You can do so right now via the McFarlane Toys webstore; it's an exclusive for that outlet.)

As strange as these figures might be, at least they’re less creepy than Classic Loki.