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The best gifts for tabletop gamers

Find all kinds of gifts for TTRPG gamers including dice, guides, clothing, and more

Image credit: Misty Mountain Gaming
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Hello Popverse! I have come from the United Kingdom to bring you funny spellings, more than one math, and a selection of wonderful gifts for tabletop gamers. In order to add an additional perspective I have enlisted the aid of a non-denominational Dice Goblin to assess the tastiness* of those clicky-clacky maths rocks we love so much.

This article is sponsored by Misty Mountain Gaming. Misty Mountain Gaming isn't just a dice company, as tabletop gaming is their lifestyle. They are gamer-first, and relish the idea of being part of our next epic adventure.

Best gaming gifts

Hellish Rebuke 7pc Polyhedral DND RPG Sharp-Edged Resin Dice Set - $39.99

Image credit: Misty Mountain Gaming

The first in a number of selections from Misty Mountain Gaming, these eye-catching resin dice are an excellent choice for the gamer who values impartiality and accuracy. If you want dice that roll fairly and truly randomly every time, you can’t beat sharp-edged dice. Hey, it’s what they use in Vegas, baby! In ye olden times, this style of die was hard to get hold of in anything other than plain, transparent colours, but thanks to advancements in dice technology (or witches, you can never discount the involvement of witches) we have gorgeous dice that are both practical and pretty. The d4s also grant double damage when used as caltrops, accidentally or otherwise.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Da infernal colour skeem giffs a peekwunt punchyness, finished off by a cheeky tartness fanks to da gold ink. Da resin iz nice ‘n’ cronchtastic, but dey can be a lil’ scratchee goin’ down.

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves D&D Dicelings Red Dragon - $13.99

Dungeons & Dragons
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

With the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie on the way in 2023, we can expect to see a massive merchandise blitz from brand owner Hasbro. I absolutely adore these oversized d20s that transform into classic D&D monsters. It’s a fun, quirky concept and I wonder how the owner of the world’s most famous transforming toy brand came up with the idea to make toys that transform from one thing to another. I guess we’ll never know.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: First I woz all 'heck yeh, dice!' But then it woznt a dice an’ I woz sad. But then it woz a dragun an’ I woz ‘appy ‘cause dragonz iz almost as tasty as dice.

Underground Caves - Thematic Dungeon Terrain - $8 - $397

Image credit: Underground Caves

Whether your tabletop gaming is roleplaying or wargaming flavoured, a good terrain setup can make the world of difference. Yes, you can have a great time with graph paper, stacks of books, and Blue Peter-esque creations made of cereal boxes and sticky-back plastic (sorry, British cultural reference) but proper terrain acting as the backdrop to your adventures really amps up the atmosphere and takes the tactical possibilities to new heights. Literally. Tabletop Terrain offers a range of scenery that they’ll 3D print for you in different scales from halfling-sized 15mm up to a heroic 32mm. You can pick up single pieces or whole tables of terrain, depending on your budget. I’ve picked out this Underground Caves set as it’s generic enough to be used in a whole bunch of different scenarios, while also being packed with character. Also, I really want it for myself.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Deez caverns look proper dank ‘n’ nasty. Remindz me of ‘ome. Sniff. Seven thumbs up! (I ‘az a collection!)

Elder Runes Pride And Gold 7pc Polyhedral DND RPG Metal Dice Set - $43.99

Image credit: Misty Mountain Gaming

Do you have a queer friend who really, really hates their GM? Buy them some metal dice so they can properly ding up their table at their next game! These Pride dice are not only great for wrecking flat wooden surfaces, they’re fabulously flamboyant and 10% of proceeds go to LGBTQ student charity GLSEN. What could be more festive than supporting a great cause?

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Don’t try an’ cronch dese dice coz dey iz too ‘ard, even for goblin teefs. Giv ‘em a suck insted and enjoy der frooty flavas of der colourful enamel. TASTE DER RAINBOW!

Black and green 20oz Medieval mug - $34.95

Image credit: Crafted Cup Company

The three life stages of the gamer are represented by three beverages: soda, beer and coffee. Wherever your gaming friends and family are on their journeys, they’ll need an attractive vessel for holding their drinks during long gaming sessions. The Crafted Cup Company sells a huge range of ceramic and pewter drinking implements, the latter of which are made here in merry olde England! My personal pick is this mediaeval style mug, which looks perfect for the many, many cups of coffee I consume while writing this stuff for you. Like many of the vessels on sale here, the historical stylings make it a great present for LARPers who want something a little more authentic for rehydrating during games.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Dissunz froat can git real dry after chomping lotz of tastee dices. Wiv a nice mug, I can ‘az a cool and refreshin’ drink of mushroom ale between scooping ‘andfuls of clicky-clacky shineez into me mouf.

The Traveler Dice Tower 2.0 - $55+

Image credit: Dog Might

Do you have a GM friend who really, really hates getting their table dinged up by metal dice? Buy them a dice tower to protect their dining table while ensuring properly fair and random rolls. These ones from Dogmight are held together by rare earth magnets and can be converted into a travel case for your dice. Basic models start at $55, which is a fraction of the cost of some similar towers on the market, and can be customised with different finishes and engraving for only a little more.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: For a speshul festif treet, chuck yer dice in a tower wiv sum sugar and sinnimun to get ‘em all seasonally seasoned. YUMMY!

$25 Mystery Dice Bag Bundle - $25.00 (unsurprisingly)

Image credit: Misty Mountain Gaming

Choosing presents isn’t always easy. If it was, I wouldn’t be getting paid the small-to-medium bucks to write this for you. Even if you have your own Dice Goblin, it can be hard to pick a set out from the thousands available online. Don’t panic, I have found a solution! (I really do everything for you!) A mystery dice bundle from Misty Mountain Gaming contains three sets of dice, plus some other gubbins, worth at least $50, but it only costs $25. So not only do you not have to make an actual decision AND save money, but your chosen recipient gets even more stuff! Brilliant!

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: I steal buy wun of dese evry week. Missterry dice bundulz are great value and take all der hassle outta mealtimez.

'I’m Not Procrastinating I’m Doing Side Quests' T-Shirt - $19.99

Hero Moose Tees
Image credit: Hero Moose Tees

I was going to include a completely different shirt on this list, but I stumbled across this one while doing something else and it spoke to me. Not sure why. Chances are you know someone that it’ll speak to too. Fortunately, it comes in a wide variety of sizes and a bunch of different colours, including this fetching purple that I’ve included because purple is the best colour. What do you mean you like red? Don’t make me roll for initiative, the fact that there’s an ocean in the way will not save you!

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Cae ‘az great taste in t-shirtz. Dey make great post-meal poop ragz. Real soft on yer bum ’ole Don’t tellz ‘er I said dat tho.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures - $19.99+

Hero Forge
Image credit: Hero Forge

Is there a quest more challenging than finding the perfect miniature to represent your favourite characters? Probably, but I’m not going to let something silly like facts get in the way of a little hyperbole. In ages past, we’d have to settle for something off the shelf that looked kinda-sorta like them. Y’know, the same species and gender. Maybe the right kind of armour if you’re lucky. Now, thanks to Hero Forge (who may or may not be witches) you can create spot-on custom minis for your precious blorbos. If you want to design the miniature for your lucky giftee, you can get them printed for as little as $20, though better materials and larger characters will cost more. Alternatively, you can buy them a gift voucher and let them have the fun of designing their character themselves. Hero Forge even offers coloured plastic prints for folks who aren’t into the whole mini painting thing.

DICE GOBLIN SEZ: Wiv ‘Ero Forge I will build an army of goblinzes ta take over der world! Whaddaya meen dere miniatures? We entnt dat smoll!

*Please remember that Dice Goblins have evolved to safely digest dice. Or are just really foolish. Either way, please don’t eat your dice, no matter how much they look like yummy candy.

Make sure you check out Misty Mountain Gamingto begin your next epic adventure.

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