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10 comics by Black creators you should read

Looking for some new comics to read? Check out this list of awesome comics by Black creators.

In celebration of Black History Month and the Black comics creators who have made their mark on the comics medium, we wanted to spotlight comic books, graphic novels, and webcomics that celebrate Black stories from Black Voices. So from tales of everyday life to epics featuring the fantastical, here are ten comics by Black creators you should add to your To Be Read pile.

Clock Striker Vol. 1 by Isaaka Galadima and Frederick L. Jones

Cropped illustration of a young girl wearing a mechanized glove with a taller figure behind her swinging a large clock
Image credit: Issaka Galadima, Frederick L. Jones

Releasing February 2023 from Saturday AM Comics, this manga-style graphic novel tells the story of a young girl named Cast, who dreams of becoming a member of a legendary group of warrior engineers called the SMITHS. When Cast finds a surviving member of the Smiths named Philomena Clock, Cast becomes an apprentice known as a "Striker". From there, Cast is thrown into a whirlwind of adventure.

Pre-order US-$13.99

Niobe: She Is Life by Sebastian A. Jones, Amandla Stenberg, and Ashley A. Woods

Illustrated grey toned painting of a girl wearing jewelry and with ornaments in her hair
Image credit: Stranger Comics

Part of a series of graphic novels set in the fictional fantasy world of Asunda, this book features a young half elven girl named Niobe. While on the run from the vampire knight Esessa, Niobe finds a sanctuary for half-bloods like herself. When a young elven boy is killed, everyone but Niobe suspects a young orc boy. Now, Niobe must find the true killer as a mysterious threat in the shadows threatens the half-blood sanctuary.

Buy US-$19.99

Bytchcraft by Aaron Resse and various artists

Purple toned illustration of three figures in blue and green and pink costumes, and a cat
Image credit: bytchcraft

A Webtoon featuring Black queer witches, this webcomic has a fun cast of characters dealing with shenanigans ranging from trying to avoid spoilers using magic to practicing self-care. With mature themes, hilarious dialogue, and gorgeous artwork, Bytchcraft is a must-read comic for anyone looking for a fantastical yet down to earth read.

Read it on Webtoon

Bitter Root by David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, Sanford Greene

Illustration of a man and a woman fighting monsters with large red eyes
Image credit: Image Comics

This fifteen-issue graphic novel series is set in 1920's Harlem. Jazz clubs are everywhere as well as Jinoo, humans turned monsters due to deep fear, hatred, and racism. In order to combat them, the Sangrye family must mend their personal rifts and come together as a family of monster hunters. Originally released in three trades from Image Comics, a special hardcover omnibus will be released in February 2023.

Buy US- $12.99

Love Love Fighting by Sharean Morishita

Comic book panel of a woman running her hands through her hair looking stressed
Image credit: Sharean Morishita

Inspired by Japanese manga and K-dramas alike, this romantic comedy manga stars Oriana, a twenty-something fat Black-Korean woman. After getting fired from her job, Oriana's cousin Krisa takes her on a trip to their home country of South Korea. There, Oriana meets Jae-Hwa, a mysterious K-pop idol who provides Oriana with some much needed empathy.

Buy US-$14.00

The Uncommons by Tony Weaver Jr., Rasheed Cheek, Hannah Lee, & Andy Robles-Valdez

Illustration of three characters in three separate costumes
Image credit: Weird Enough Productions

Featuring vibrant artwork and a diverse cast of characters, The Uncommons is a futuristic superhero comic that begins with a West African teen named Iris. Iris has the Second Sight, an ability that lets her see energies, details, and outcomes. When Iris has a vision of a world-threatening disaster, she decides to try and change the future by going to Delta City and enlisting allies to help save the world.

Buy US-$30.00

Alone by Olivia Stephens

Cropped illustration of a woman in a red dress placing her hand on a man's shoulder
Image credit: Olivia Stephens

With a striking use of black-and-white contrast as well as color, this webcomic paints a romantic drama of a widower and a musician as they fall in love and come to terms with their pasts. Told through a series of vignettes, Alone is a complete webcomic that can be read little by little or binged all at once.

Read Alone online

Sorcerority by Mikhail Sebastion & George T. Watson

Illustration featuring five women in different black costumes, above the women is the title Sorcerority
Image credit: Mikhail Sebastian, George T. Watson

Sorcerority is about the school of Excursia, the Historically Black Coven and University. It's newest student is Melanie, who is the second person in her family to enroll in the school after her late mother. However, her enrollment might not be entirely coincidental.

Now, Melanie must dive deep into the history of the school and her family in order to find out the truth. In 2021, it was announced that Sorcerority would be adapted into a feature film by Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henderson, and Gamechanger Films.

Read Sorcerority online

Wash Day Diaries by Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith

Cropped illustration of four women with four different hairstyles smiling and posing
Image credit: Chronicle Books

Kim, Tanisha, Davene, and Cookie are four best friends who live in the Bronx. In Wash Day Diaries, five interconnected short comics tell their stories as they take a day to wash, condition, and nourish their hair while reconnecting with each other. Funny and emotionally poignant, Wash Day Diaries is a down-to-earth tribute to the everyday lives of Black women.

Buy US-$16.99

Djeliya by Juni Ba

Cropped orange and white and brown cover featuring one character wearing a mask holding a staff and a shield and another holding a hammer
Image credit: TKO Studios

A West African fantasy epic set in a post-apocalyptic world, this graphic novel from TKO Studios follows Prince Mansour Keita and his historian and storyteller Awa. The two of them journey to a mysterious tower that is said to be the residence of a powerful wizard. As they pass through various locations on the way and meet new people, they find that the truth behind the tower and their respective roles may be more than what they seem.

Buy US-$14.99

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