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Black Panther: Wakandans unite for cosplay tributes to T'Challa, Shuri, M'Baku and more

Chadwick Boseman inspired cosplayers around the world. Here are some of our favorites that show the true power of Wakanda.

Top 10 Black Panther Cosplays
Image credit: Cosplay Central

EDITOR'S NOTE: Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman passed away at the tragically young age of 43. We are running this previously schedule article in tribute.

When Black Panther was introduced in the MCU first in Civil War followed by the Academy Award-winning solo movie, many fans took their creative abilities to craft cosplays portraying all the marvelous characters from the film. The movie was Marvel’s first movie to be nominated for Best Picture, but it also made history with Ruth Carter being the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Costume Design.

Carter’s work in the movie has definitely inspired many cosplayers to recreate the incredible costumes featured in the movie. From the badass female Dora Milaje warriors to the iconic black and silver panther suit, here are 10 of our favorite cosplays from the Black Panther movie.

10. LovieLeeOfficial

Philly Black Panther
Image credit: Philly Black Panther

Lovie Lee Official (aka PhillyBlackPanther) truly embodies the spirit of T’Challa. Lovie Lee’s suit looks like it came right off screen, with the matching helmet to top off the rest of the cosplay. He also cosplays as Miles Morales from Spider-Man and promotes positivity throughout the community. He even helped raise money for N95 masks for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, making him even more of a superhero!

9. Black Bettie Cosplays

Black Bettie - Okoye
Photography by Hudson Michaels PhotographyImage credit: Black Bettie Cosplay & Photography by Hudson Michaels Photography

Black Bettie Cosplay’s Nakia cosplay from the final battle of the movie is such a sight to behold! The cosplay was handmade by herself down to the boots! She also created the tabards by using mostly puff paint so the cosplay could be worn at a con, which turned out perfect. It was a great idea to save time and still look authentic! Complete with Nakia’s disk blades, Black Bettie Cosplay is ready to take on Killmonger.

8. Kizuki Cosplay

Kizuki Cosplay with photography by SoSayWeAll Photography
Photography by SoSayWeAllImage credit: Kizuki Cosplay with photography by SoSayWeAll Photography

Kizuki Cosplay has cosplayed many different outfits that Shuri has worn throughout the MCU. We absolutely love seeing the attention to detail Kizuki put into this cosplay, complete with the beaded bracelet and signature shoes. Kizuki has also cosplayed as Nakia in her casino dress, completing the whole cosplay in a couple weeks before the Black Panther premiere. That’s dedication!

7. boykins_cosplay

Boykins_cosplay with photography by GrayDogFreelance Production
Photography by GrayDogFreelance ProductionImage credit: Boykins_cosplay with photography by GrayDogFreelance Production

Boykins_cosplay cosplays Black Panther’s iconic suit as well, but we especially like seeing his more everyday attire! The purple coat is decorated with the beautiful white detailing, looking almost identical to the one worn in the movie. Boykins_cosplay also gives back to the community by helping with charity events and visiting children in hospitals throughout the Greater Nevada area. He’s a true King of Wakanda!

6. Keith Kelley TV

Keith Kelley TV Killmonger
Image credit: Keith Kelley TV Killmonger

It is jaw-dropping seeing how close Keith Kelley looks like Black Panther’s nemesis, Erik Killmonger. The entire upper half of his body was created using prosthetics, which we can only imagine must have taken hours to recreate before debuting at a con. The rest of Keith’s cosplay is simple yet perfect, bringing the whole look together. He looks ready to challenge T’Challa on top of a massive waterfall.

5. Nyvedna Productions

Nyvedna Productions with photography by iflophoto
Photography by iflophotoImage credit: Nyvedna Productions with photography by iflophoto

Nyvedna Productions’ Shuri cosplay is so good that we had to take a double-take to realize that it was a cosplay. The entire cosplay was made by herself, with the gauntlets being made by RandMaskEnterprises. The makeup and hair help complete the entire look, bringing the cosplay to the next level. We really liked seeing the detailing on the sash and neckpiece, as well as the textured fabric on the rest of the suit. She has also cosplayed as one of the Dora Milaje (creating the entire cosplay herself, down to the beading!) from the movie as well. So great!

4. siriusdanger

siriusdanger with photography by Happy Trigger LA
Photography by Happy Trigger LAImage credit: siriusdanger with photography by Happy Trigger LA

Black Panther was filled with badass female characters, and Okoye is one of the top on that list! Siriusdanger’s Okoye cosplay is so incredible that we were ready to join her in battle as well. The entire cosplay was made by herself, including the spear! We love all the intricate details of the battle armor, especially the tabards! Siriusdanger was also Okoye in a big “Women of Marvel” photoshoot with other incredible cosplayers too. Amazing!

3. Paladin_vann

Paladin_vann M'Baku
Image credit: Paladin_vann

M’Baku was one of our favorite characters in the entire movie, and Paladin_vann embodies the character perfectly. The cosplay features detailed foamwork in the chest piece, pauldron, and gauntlets, replicating M’Baku’s signature armor in the movie. He spent over a year crafting the cosplay for a convention, and the hard work shows! The dedication with this cosplay made paladin_vann look identical to actor Winston Duke in the movie!

2. CutiePieSensei

Cutiepiesensei Shuri Black Panther
Image credit: Cutiepiesensei

This Shuri cosplay by CutiePieSensei is such a masterpiece we could spend all day fangirling about it! The entire cosplay was designed and made by herself, taking inspiration from both the comics and the MCU Black Panther suits. The suit also features screen accurate fabric from the movie with purple LEDs throughout the suit that show up through the fabric. We keep hoping that Shuri will become the Black Panther in the MCU, and CutiePieSensei’s cosplay proves this needs to happen. Marvel, take note for future films!

1. Vibranium.cosplay

Vibranium.cosplay’s Black Panther cosplay is one of the coolest cosplays we’ve ever seen! From the accurate-looking suit to the fully functioning LEDs, this cosplay really embodies the Black Panther. All of the LEDs are programmed underneath the suit and reflect the purple hue exactly like the suit in the movie. Even the helmet lights up! Vibranium.cosplay has also programmed a Killmonger suit and helmet with orange LEDs identical to the one Michael B. Jordan wears in the movie. His hard work has certainly paid off to be the King of Wakanda!

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