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When Black Sails is coming to Netflix

If you're dying to binge this pirate series on Netflix, here's when you'll be able to

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The golden age of piracy has long been a fascinating setting for both drama and action. Dating back to Treasure Island through to the seemingly endless adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hats in One Piece, stories about pirates have always been popular. Though it has been off the air for more than five years, fans of the historical adventure series Black Sails were excited when it was reported that the show was coming to Netflix in January 2024, making it even easier to binge the popular show.

Except, Black Sails didn’t make it to Netflix on January 1, 2024, as fans had hoped based on some others' reporting. But we have good news! We officially have a date for when the pirate series will be hitting the streaming service.

When is Black Sails coming to Netflix?

Black Sails seasons 1-4 (that's the complete series) will be streaming on Netflix starting April 17. The pirate show is joining a pretty busy slate of television releases for the month, including Sex and the City, Dead Boy Detectives, and I Woke Up a Vampire.

Where can I stream Black Sails now?

If you’re looking to stream Black Sails before it pops up on Netflix, your best bet is to catch it through Amazon Prime Video. The first season is included in your subscription while subsequent seasons can be viewed with a STARZ add-on package.

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