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Marvel warns of "subtle spoilers" on cover to Blood Hunt 'explicit content' editions

Marvel Comics prepares for new territory with Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt #1 variant cover
Image credit: Leinil Francis Yu (Marvel Comics)

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Blood Hunt #1
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel is diving head-first into more mature material this year with their first R-rated movie, and their first major event that has an edition strictly not for kids. Now we've learned that the so-called 'Red Band' editions of Blood Hunt - so labeled due to the 'explicit content' contained theren - will also have spoilers on the cover of each issue.

Marvel has informed retailers that the Red Band edition of its upcoming summer event will have a "subtle spoiler" on the covers. (No, there was no definition of what a "subtle" spoiler is going to look like.) The spoiler effect will, however, be mitigated by the fact that these 'red band' comics will all come polybagged, which assumedly would cover up those spoilers.

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All five issues of Blood Hunt's 'red band' editions will also have their own unique logo and trade dress, to further differentiate it from the regular edition covers.

Of course, the main event of these Blood Hunt 'Red Band' editions are additional story pages with more "explicit content," as Marvel describes it. As Popverse broke earlier this year, Marvel is not selling these "Red Band" editions digitally or in book stores - making them strictly a comic book store exclusive... at least in the short term.

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