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Blue's Clues former host Steve Burns reveals that he almost WASN'T the host of the Nick Jr. show

Can you imagine anyone else in his place?

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While the adorable blue spotted dog named Blue may have been the titular character of Blue's Clues, it is undeniable that the most important role of that show was the host. The host, whoever it may have been while the show was still casting, had the important job of being able to connect with the young audience, through a television screen no less, and help them grow.

The role of the host eventually went to Steve Burns who, if you grew up watching Blues Clue's, you probably remember fondly. Steve was Blue's Clues as much as the other characters and made the show a memorable experience for younger viewers. All that said, can you imagine if the host WASN'T Steve!? Well, that was almost the case, and not in the way you may expect.

During an appearance at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, Steve revealed his audition story for the hit children's show. Burns went into detail about how he was unaware of what the show was going to actually be, and at the time, he invisioned a different path for himself in terms of his career.

"I auditioned for Blue's Clues, thinking it was a voice over," said Burns. "I'm not kidding when I say, if I had known that it was to be on a children's television show, I wouldn't have gone, because I was a pretentious young actor."

You can watch the full video from ECCC 2022 below:

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