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Steve Burns' Blue's Clues viral video was even more raw and unrehearsed than we thought

The heartwarming video brought us back to the conversation

Raise your hand if you rememeber the video that was put out on social media addressing the time Steve from Blue's Clues "went to college." Raise your other hand if after watching that video, which went viral with its heartwarming message, if you found yourself incredibly emotional to be reuniting with your long lost best friend Steve after many years. Me too! You were crying, I was crying, the whole internet was crying! The video was released in collaboration with the show's 25th anniversary, and while the video was a delightful callback to a time where, as Steve says, we played with Blue, talkd to Mr. Salt, and got excited about the mail, the video served a much larger and important personal purpose according to host Steve Burns.

During a discussion at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, Burns reveals how making the video (which he had improvised) was not just for the anniversary, but to also address the 'Steve's dead' rumors that had been a struggle for him for years. Burns goes on to discuss the 'deeply weird part of Blue's Clues' for him, and how after trying to make media appearances to end the rumors, the next step was to talk to the now adult fans to help clear up the confusion.

"I'm talking about that viral video from last year. I just improved that thing," Burns began. "We did two takes. The first take I cried, everybody cried, and now everyone knew that I wasn't dead, and you all seemed happy about it."

You can watch the full video from ECCC 2022 below:

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