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Murder mystery tropes (and reality) are twisted in Profane comic from Peter Milligan & Raül Fernandez

The Enigma and X-Statix writer is up to his twisty tricks in the new private eye book, and Popverse has an exclusive sneak peek

Profane #1
Image credit: Javier Rodriguez/Boom! Studios

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Writer Peter Milligan made a name for himself writing stories that push at the boundaries of what’s real, what’s imagined, and whether the difference even matters — and the new series from the writer of BAD Company, Shade the Changing Man, Enigma, and X-Statix continues the mission to keep the reader from feeling too comfortable or confident in the story they’re enjoying.

Boom! Studios calls Profane “a mind-bending murder mystery that treads the precarious razor’s edge between reality and fiction,” and that might be an understatement, given Milligan’s predigree. The publisher’s description of the series goes like this: “Will Profane is a veteran private eye, and solving murders in the sunbaked streets of Los Angeles is his daily bread. But something is strange about his latest case. Every clue leads him back to a world famous crime novelist lying at the center of this mystery–and dangerous truths about Profane’s own life.”

“I’m excited by Profane, exploring as it does the twisty, noir atmosphere that I like, and with the weirdness and existential angst I like even more. A story like this needs the right artist and Raül Fernandez is not only a great artist but a truly perfect match,” Milligan said in a statement provided by the publisher. Fernandez, who’s worked on Justice League Dark, and Terrors Through Time at DC, responded in kind: “I could have never imagined I’d have the opportunity to create a new series with completely original characters, and with an extraordinary writer like Peter, whom I’ve admired for years, let alone a book like Profane,” he said, describing the new series as “so full of mystery, emotion, and twists you will never see coming!”

Boom! provided Popverse with covers to the first issue by Javier Rodriguez, Mike Deodato (with colors from Jão Canola), and Marguerite Sauvage, as well as interior art from the issue and character designs by Fernandez:

Profane #1 will debut June 5, 2024.

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