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The Boys season 4 will be “more intense than any other season"

"I have never seen [Kimiko] look so adorable in my life doing the worst shit on planet Earth."

Karen Fukuhara on The Boys
Image credit: Amazon Studios

Some superhero shows feature stoic characters who inspire us to achieve greatness. The Boys is not that show, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since its premiere in 2019, Amazon Studios’ dark comedy has constantly pushed the envelope. Each season has upped the ante, putting the heroes in more violent and risqué situations.

Guess what? Season 4 is going to raise the bar again. Speaking at Florida Supercon, the cast of The Boys teased their upcoming season.

“I will say season 4 is more intense than any other season. The stakes are higher. Everyone is at the point where they’re gambling more than they ever have,” Laz Alonso says.

When asked any gross out moments, Karen Fukuhara coyly teased “new fluids.” Jessie T. Usher took this tease a step further. “They broke out the periodic table of elements and added two things because of the show. Be ready for that when you go back to science class,” Usher said.

Laz Alonso teased a moment with Kimiko Miyashiro that will blow us away. “In season 4, which hasn’t come out yet, there’s going to be a moment where her character is going to go through something that makes you laugh. It was the first time ever, out of everything I’ve seen her do, that I laughed hysterically. It was uncontrollable tears,” Alonso said.

Usher couldn’t recall it and got curious. “Whisper it in my ear,” he asked Alonso. “I can’t say, but I have never seen her look so adorable in my life doing the worst shit on planet Earth,” Alonso teased. “You’re going to love this. I just wanted to hug you. They never run out of ideas when it comes to finding ways to kill people that no other show or superhero character has ever touched. It bewilders me.”

Currently, there is no premiere date for The Boys season 4. However, if these teases are any indication, when it does arrive, we’ll be in for a wild ride.

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