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Looking back at The Mummy, Brendan Fraser feels "a sense of nostalgia"

In an interview with Popverse, Brendan Fraser talks about looking back at The Mummy, all these years later

Still image of Brendan Fraser and John Hannah in tomb
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At Emerald City Comic Con this year, Popverse's Veronica Valencia had a chance to sit down with Brendan Fraser and pick his brain about his memories of filming The Mummy. Check out the excerpt of the interview below or read the full interview here.

Popverse: Brendan, we're going to start our conversation off with a little project called The Mummy which is now over 20 years old. Can you share with us your favorite memories from shooting that film?

Brendan Fraser: Yeah, I really enjoyed getting to be with that whole cast. I loved being part of a movie that we didn't know if it was an action, comedy, horror, adventure, romance. All of the above. We didn't know what we had on our hands, and there was a certain sense of liberty and excitement about it.

It was an old property that Universal had. The time it came out, you know, it was laughable. Everybody thought of Abbott and Costello—with the mummy. And here we were with our version of it. Courtesy of John Burton, ILM bringing state of the art CGI, and just the combination of all that made it, I'd say, the memorable film that it is now.

I think it had so much appeal because everybody wanted a little bit of all of those things I just mentioned. And by whatever movie magic, it came together for us.

With this film coming out over two decades ago, do you look back and see it a different way now than you did back when you filmed it?

Yeah, I look back on it, and when I watch it, I watch everyone else, I can't look at myself, I feel a sense of nostalgia. I feel a sense of hopefulness for all of us on the cusp of our professional lives and the potential for something lasting and memorable.

I can still hear Stephen Sommers writer/director giving direction like 'Ready… and DON'T SUCK! Action!' And then we'd run around and shoot... and camels! And stuff falling down and blowing up, and it's in the Moroccan desert. It was a real-life adventure. I'm glad they took pictures of it because I don't know if I'm going to be doing that movie again any time soon.

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