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"I used to pine to be a Dark Horse creator" Brian Michael Bendis on Dark Horse, Naomi, & creator-owned titles

Brian Michael Bendis chats what's coming next in his career

Brian Michael Bendis portrait

In his 30+ years in comic books, Brian Michael Bendis has become a mainstay of the industry with the creation of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe introducing the likes of Miles Morales – who became a superstar in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, creating Alias, which would be adapted into Jessica Jones, and plenty of other achievements that would take paragraphs and paragraphs to list out.

Popverse spoke with Bendis about what’s coming next in his comic book career including his new partnership with Dark Horse for his Jinxworld line of comics, if he’ll continue work with DC following his run on Justice League and Superman, and if he had any regrets not working on a Fantastic Four flagship book during his time at Marvel.

Popverse: Brian, let us jump right in. Tell us about the origins of your team-up with Dark Horse for your creator owned titles.

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