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Disney cancels the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer spin-off Slayers after one season from Amazon's Audible

Disney just staked the Buffyverse one more time, as Slayers is over according to its co-creator

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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer ended in 2003, but in 2023 many of the show's original actors returned for an in-continuity sequel with the audio series Slayers: A Buffyverse Story. After the first season, expectations were high among fans and the show's creators about more - but word has come down that the owners of Buffy, the Walt Disney Company, have decided against any further seasons of the show.

"Hugely disappointed to share that, despite its enormous success, Disney has refused to allow Audible to proceed with future seasons of Slayers: A Buffyverse Story," writes Slayers co-creator Christopher Golden on social media. "To my knowledge, they have provided no explanation."

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story is set 12 years after 2003's Buffy season finale, and three years after creator Joss Whedon's comic book continuation published by Dark Horse. Slayers starred Spike (James Marsters), with former castmates Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Head, Juliet Landau, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, James C. Leary, and Danny Strong all returning in their roles as well. Golden co-created and wrote the series with Buffy castmember Benson. (As part of the show's promotion, Popverse filmed the Slayers: A Buffyverse Story's full panel from NYCC 2023 - which you can watch here.)

Benson spoke in October 2023 about ideas for future seasons, including the return of other castmates.

"If we do multiple seasons, then we can bring in other people and give them new things to do. Seth [Green] is definitely on our list. Clare Kramer too, we would love to have Glory come and play," Benson told The Hollywood Reporter. "There's just so many amazing characters to bring in... I would love to do more seasons. Emma Caulfield was like, 'When do we do the next one?' We really would love to do more."

As Golden has said, there's "no explanation" as to why Disney decided against more. Due to Slayers being an audio series, there's little direct information made public on how popular the series has been - and further to that, if it was a financial success for Audible and Disney. It could also be that Disney decided to truncate Slayers in favor of the reported Buffy revamp reported just weeks ago, which could lead to concerns two unconnected Buffy projects could hurt each other (as Warner Bros. has been said to be concerned about for Superman: Legacy and Superman & Lois.)

"Working with this cast, the production team, and the folks at Audible UK--and seeing the joy in the fan community--has been one of the happiest experiences of my career," Golden says. "I'm sorry we won't be able to continue on, but I'm so glad we were able to bring these characters back to you."

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story remains available now on Audible.

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