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C2E2 2023: Enjoy the wonders of the show's best cosplay

Check out a gallery of C2E2's best cosplay photos!

C2E2 2023 Cosplay Roundup 04.02.23 Batch 1
Image credit: ReedPop

There are few greater joys at a comic convention than appreciating the astounding cosplay that fans and costumers have been working on all year in preparation for that very show, and seeing the effort, creativity and, occasionally, mildly confusing and absolutely wild out-there ideas that have come together to make some of the most amazing things you’ll ever see. All of which is to say, cosplay is great — and there’s some great cosplay to see at C2E2 this weekend.

Over the course of the entire show, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite cosplay and cosplayers we run across at McCormick Place in Chicago, celebrating the love and attention they’ve brought to their own favorite fandoms. Really, it’s the least we can do.

It helps there there’s a lot of cosplay programming at this year’s show, including the Cosplay Central Crown Championship on Saturday night, and the wonder that is Friday’s Cosplay Karaoke…! Chicago is a cosplay kind of town, as it turns out.

We’ll be updating the cosplay roundup at the end of every day, so please come back and check for updates throughout the entire weekend. And, more importantly, look below: there’s some unbelievable sights to be seen.

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