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Gaze upon the majesty of C2E2's Cosplay Central Crown Championships competitors and winners

Check out all the incredible costume details in our exclusive gallery

Image credit: Kaminsky Kandids for ReedPop

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With a master’s level craftsmanship competitions like ReedPop’s Cosplay Central Crown Championships the judges always have a difficult time choosing the winners, and across the 3 different rounds of the competition at this years C2E2 judges Sameer Tikka Masala, Dessi-Desu, and reigning Crown Champion Nerds Gone Mild certainly had their work cut out as cosplayers upped the ante!

After a long day in the judging room, careful inspection of every aspect of the 42 costumes across 3 rounds, and a lot of discussion, the judges named Perlertricks as the Armor Category winner, Yettie Cos the Needlework Category Winner and Sayitaintsew cosplay as the FX Category winner. In the C2E2 regional qualifier Searin Cosplay and Evielle were runners up and Lunar Lyn was named C2E2 Champion in a stunning Queen Amidala costume and progressed straight in to the National Final.

The National Final was particularly fierce, but NYCC Champion Sarcasm-Himé wowed the judges once more with her breathtaking embroidery to represent North America in the Global Final round. With Cosplayers from Australia, South Africa and across Europe heading to C2E2 to chase the Crown in the global final it was always going to be special. Jinxie Cosplay claimed 3rd place with an impressive multimedia costume of Sakizou’s Seraphim. Hermione Cosplay showcased impeccable needlework and stunning embroidery in every layer of her Snow White costume, right down to the bloomers, to take home second place, and returning finalist Matthew took the crown in a highly detailed, innovative and flawless costume of Iceborne Leather Armor from Monster Hunter. The judges were blown away by his attention to detail and storytelling woven into the costume.

There’s always so much detail the judges get to see that you can’t always see from the stage audience. Steve of Kaminsky Kandids Photography took a break from his Cosplay Central booth on the show floor to join all the competitors in the “Crown Lounge” and capture all of their incredible work. Despite being an intense day of non-stop photography, Steve described the day as “a photographers dream” and from the occasional squeals of joy, as people looked at the back of his camera, the cosplayers were certainly excited by the results.

Take a scroll thorough our gallery below to appreciate all the details and work the cosplayers put into their costumes for the C2E2 regional qualifier, national final and global final!

Visitors to the upcoming MCM London Comic Con, 24-26 May, can take a closer look at Crown Champion Matthew’s winning costume in a special Cosplay Central costume display.

You can watch the entire 2024 Cosplay Central Crown Championships US Finals, National Finals, Global Finals for free here on Popverse.

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