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Harrison Ford calls for Avengers to assemble in Captain America: Brave New World first look

Harrison Ford's Thunderbolt Ross has a new mission for Captain America

Image credit: CinemaCon

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It's been a hot minute since we've had a Captain America movie that solely focused on Captain America, but we're getting closer and closer to getting what we want. At Disney's CinemaCon presentation, Kevin Feige and Anthony Mackie introduced some early footage from Captain America: Brave New World. In the footage, we see Sam Wilson meeting with Thunderbolt Ross(Harrison Ford), who asks Cap to rebuild the Avengers.

As Thunderbolt Ross makes a presentation to a very formal-looking audience, something goes horribly wrong, and we see Isiah Bradley attack Ross, to Sam Wilson's confusion. The footage shown from the film definitely has political thriller vibes, and Feige said in his introduction, the movie will be, like Captain America: Winter Soldier, a "relatively grounded action thriller."

Other things of note in the trailer was a mention of MCU's Joaquin Torres, who takes on the mantle of Falcon in the Marvel Comics.

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Also in the early footage was some very clear tension between Sam Wilson's Captain America and Thunderbolt Ross, who, at some point in the footage, says "You're not Steve Rogers," to which Sam replies, "I know. I'm not."

Overall, the footage and tone of what we saw seems to match up with Winter Soldier pretty well. Hopefully, it'll be just as good.

Captain America: Brave New World will debut in theaters February 2025.

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