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Why Captain Marvel co-creator Kelly Sue DeConnick wasn't in the 'special thanks' credits section for comic creators

There's no drama

Captain Marvel in The Marvels
Image credit: Marvel Studios

This weekend's theatrical hero Captain Marvel wouldn't be there if it wasn't for comic creator (and now TV and movie writer) Kelly Sue DeConnick. So for those who have seen the movie and know her contributions, you might be a bit stunned to not see her name among The Marvels' "special thanks" credits section where Marvel normally thanks comic creators who had a hand in the stories with which these MCU projects are based on.

While DeConnick didn't create the character of Carol Danvers, she did co-create (and innovate) the character as she became Captain Marvel - and the next several years of the character's story along with it, including the Flerkin, the musical planet of Aladna, and the real fire that Carol lit up with after finally stepping up to become Captain Marvel.

DeConnick was heavily involved in the first Captain Marvel movie - acting as a consultant on set, and even appearing on-screen in a cameo that led me to think up some MCU fan fiction about KSD in the '90s MCU.

Sorry, back to the story.

While some eagle-eyed fans have chided Marvel Studios for not including Kelly Sue DeConnick in the 'special thanks' section of the credits for The Marvels, it's for a good reason: she was actually a paid creative consultant - and was credited as such in a different section of the credits.

The other Marvel Comics creators thanked in The Marvels were Neal Adams, Saladin Ahmed, David Aja, Adrian Alphona, Brian Michael Bendis, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Carmen Carnero, Jim Cheung, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Carla Conway, Gerry Conway, Matt Fraction, Mark Gruenwald, Russ Heath, Allan Heinberg, Minkyu Jung, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Ron Lim, David Lopez, Ron Marz, Jamie McKelvie, Al Milgrom, Carlos Pacheco, John Romita Jr., Paul Ryan, Dexter Soy, Roger Stern, Marcio Takara, Roy Thomas, Kelly Thompson, and G. Willow Wilson.

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