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The comic & pop culture journalism website CBR just laid off its editor-in-chief

Adam Swiderski has shared that he is no longer with the pop culture site CBR

Image credit: Valnet, Inc.

It’s all change in the comics journalism field once again, with the editor-in-chief of, one of the most trafficked comics and pop culture sites online, revealing that he has been let go from the company.

According to a post on social media network LinkedIn, Adam Swiderski was notified this morning that he had been laid off by CBR owners Valnet. No further information was forthcoming, with Swiderski writing, “I'll reflect later, but for now: I need work.”

Swiderski became editor-in-chief of the site in July 2022, and is still listed on the site’s About Us page in that position. His is the second high profile departure from the site in the past month; Gregg Katzman, who served as “exclusive content & PR manager,” announced on May 15 that he was leaving CBR to take on the senior public relations manager position at IDW Publishing. (Katzman, too, is still listed as an employee by the company.)

CBR — formerly Comic Book Resources, with the name change occurring in August 2016 as the site sought to broaden its focus beyond comic books — was founded in 1995 by Jonah Weiland, who would go on to sell the site to Canadian digital publishing company Valnet, Inc. which also owns ScreenRant, Collider, and MovieWeb. Weiland would go on to work at DC as the VP of marketing, publicity and creative services for a year.

No announcement has been made by CBR or Valnet as to the future leadership of the site as of writing. In absence of Swiderski, the top figure within CBR is managing editor Jon Arverdon.

Earlier this year, Newsarama's co-founder made a surprise departure from the site.