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Chip Zdarsky, a massive Popverse Con-versation

We interviewed Chip at C2E2 (2024) for a wide-ranging conversation about all his comics!

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Image credit: Chip Zdarsky

Nobody in comics had longer lines at C2E2 than Chip Zdarsky. Alongside Batman artist Jorge Jiménez, Zdarsky could be found hour after hour signing comics, merch, and art from fans of his ongoing run on Batman and Avengers: Twilight, as well as his beloved work on Sex Criminals, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and much more. Once known primarily for humor comics and a Watchmen 2 pitch centered around Dr. Manhattan's butt, there's little denying Zdarsky is now among the most well-known names in comics.

Before another long day of greeting fans, Popverse had the chance to sit down with Zdarsky for an extended, candid reflection on the recently announced Public Domain spinoff comic (The Domain), some unexpected inspirations for the ongoing Batman run, and of course, Marvel's answer to the Dark Knight Returns, Avengers: Twilight.

Popverse: You recently announced The Domain, a spin-off comic about the comic being made within the Eisner award-winning Public Domain. Why a separate miniseries? When did it become more than, let's say, backmatter for Public Domain?

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