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The Chucky reveal that gave Jennifer Tilly ‘chills’ is one you might’ve missed

Hint: It's the Tiffany doll

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Chucky has been relying on the power of Damballa for years to assist him in carrying out his murderous rampage. In Chucky season 3 however, Damballa has abandoned Chucky after an exorcism gone wrong back in season 2. Speaking of season 2, it's here we get a little more insight into Damballa's magic, and it's revealed the real Jennifer Tilly's soul was trapped in the Tiffany doll for 20 years (until ultimately meeting her demise via truck)!

It's interesting because as a Chucky fan myself, I was curious how the soul transferring magic of Damballa worked. I thought, 'Maybe the souls of the human bodies just lay dormant while Chucky and Tiffany ran amuck?' This definitely seemed like a possibility, especially after seeing how Nica is constantly fighting for control of her body after being possessed by Chucky. As it turns out, I wasn't the only one stunned by this revelation. In fact, Jennifer Tilly was also surprised when she found out the truth behind the soul transfer.

In an interview with Veronica Valencia, Jennifer opens up about how she felt when she learned what happened to the real Jennifer Tilly, and how THIS one important detail is how it all happened.

You can watch the full interview below!

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