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Comics will soon be inflight entertainment on your next flight (if you choose the right airline)

There's now more comics to read on airplanes than those emergency comics

Image credit: Thales

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Arguably one of the most widely-read comics in the world is the instructional comic given to you when you fly an airplane on what to do in case of emergency. According to reports, 2.9 million people fly a day in the U.S. alone - and in the seatback for all of them, is that comic.

Well, soon there will be more comics to accompany it.

WEBTOON is partnering with a major inflight services provider named Thales to put its full library of webcomics on in-flight platforms for a trial run on a limited number of US flights beginning this month. If things go well, this could expand to all of the flights Thales' in-flight platforms are on - which includes JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and Air Canada.

“We are continuously looking to grow our network of partnerships and services to enhance the travel experience. WEBTOON offers best-in-class content in the digital comics space, and this partnership is an exciting new addition to our entertainment offerings that diversifies the passenger experience," says Thales InFlyte Experience VP of Product Delivery Digital Kurt Weidemeyer. "We look forward to giving travelers the opportunity to dive headfirst into the exciting world of webcomics through this partnership."

“Digital comics are the perfect content for travelers to consume in-flight – highly mobile and scrollable, with a genre and series for every type of reader," says WEBTOON's US head David S. Lee. "Through this new partnership with Thales, we couldn’t be more excited to bring WEBTOON’s library of content to travelers across the U.S., and to introduce even more readers to WEBTOON’s thriving community of international creators."

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