The Lab Press

Do comics still have the power to shift popular culture?" new outfit The Lab Press think so

The editor-in-chief and CEO behind the new indie publisher reveal where Lab Press came from, and where it's going

Graeme McMillan


Rewrite the laws of physics with this sneak peek of new graphic novel Essentials

Something is happening to reality, and you could be the first to find out what...

Graeme McMillan

Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees #6

Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees is building to a quiet, devastating end (and we have the pages to prove it)

Patrick Horvath's acclaimed series is almost over, but we have a sneak preview of what lies ahead

Graeme McMillan

Exterior photographs of downtown San Diego and the San Diego Convention Center

Comic conventions: a comprehensive guide of all of the upcoming major comic cons

There are comic conventions happening weekly around the world - here's a list of many of them, so you can make plans to be there yourself!

Chris Arrant

Trina Robbins

Trina Robbins, comics creator and historian, has died at age 85

Robbins' impact on the comic book industry is immeasurable

Graeme McMillan

Rick and Morty

Watch Marc Ellerby teach you how to draw Rick and Morty (and explain the importance of patience for creators, too)

Ellerby's MCM Birmingham 2023 panel isn't just an art tutorial, but a lesson for all wannabe creators

Graeme McMillan

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