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Marvel artist Adi Granov is up for drawing comics again (but with one caveat)

Adi Granov has pivoted to drawing concept art for Marvel Studios, but he isn't opposed to returning to comics

Adi Granov
Image credit: Tamsin Isles

Artist Adi Granov helped envision Marvel's future by drawing the 2005 Iron Man arc 'Extremis' and then being tapped to be one of Marvel Studios' core in-house designers for 2008's Iron Man movie. Since then he segued to being one of Marvel Comics' key cover artists, while also continuing to work on Marvel movies such as the four Avengers movies, both Black Panther movies, as well as Spider-Man: No Way Home and the upcoming Armor Wars movie, and also being a regular artist for the band Tool. But although he no longer draws interior comics, he looks back fondly at those times - and one series in particular.

"Yeah, [Steampunk X-Men] was 8 pages from when I stopped doing interiors. Sometimes a page would take me a week which was completely unsustainable," Granov tells Popverse's Dave Buesing. "But when I look at it even now it still holds up. It was one of my last interior things so I have real rose-tinted glasses."

When asked if he would ever draw interiors again, Granov didn't rule it out - but had some limits.

"On 8 pages? Yeah," but not on a long comic book run.

Granov's disinterest in working on a long run is understandable, given the level of detail with his artwork. Some series published by Marvel and DC Comics are published twice a month, making them taxing to work on for writers and artists. Granov's painterly style is absolutely beautiful, so it isn't difficult to understand why he feels that working on such a compressed timeline would be unsustainable for him in the longterm - but hey, him drawing Silver Surfer and Galactus for a tie-in to the new Fantastic Four movie would be a real bucket-list comic.

Look for Popverse's full Adi Granov conversation later this month.

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