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Fallout Boy's Pete Wentz is back with a suicide-turned-magical-salvation story in Dying Inside

Dying Inside artist Lisa Sterle opens up her sketchbook to look at designs and character art

Dying Inside
Image credit: Lisa Sterle/Headshell

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By now, you’re probably aware of Dying Inside, the first release from Vault Comics’ Headsell imprint, and the return to comic books for Pete Wentz, bassist and lyricist for Chicago’s own Fall Out Boy. A collaboration with Hannah Klein and Lisa Sterle, Dying Inside is a graphic novel about a 16-year-old girl whose plans for a beautiful suicide get complicated when her weapon of choice turns out to be a magical implement that instead turns her immortal. Of course, things get weirder from there.

The graphic novel is already available in a number of different editions, along with no small amount of associated merchandise — and a playlist that contains just the right amount of Elliott Smith; if you know, you know — but what we’re very interested in is the artwork for the book by Archie Comics, DC, and IDW Publishing veteran Sterle, who brings a beauty and lightness to what might otherwise be a dark tale. (What else would you expect from the creator of the Modern Witch Tarot Deck?)

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We were so excited to see Sterle tackle the promotion, in fact, that when offered the chance to share some of Sterle’s character design work from the book, we jumped at the chance. Meet Ash — the Elliott Smith fan with dreams of a glamorous early exit from the world — and Liv… the witch responsible for accidentally blessing her with eternal life. And for those unfamiliar with Lisa Sterle’s artwork, meet Sterle, as well:

“I feel like I’ve been destined to draw this book,” Sterle said in a statement about the graphic novel. “The art of Dying Inside is truly a reflection of all the things I am passionate about. I hope reading this book feels like listening to a heartbreaking song on a sunny day. I hope it feels like blue shadows in a dim bedroom, staring at the ceiling fan. I hope it feels like screaming your favorite lyrics back at your favorite band. I hope it feels like texting your best friend in the middle of the night because your thoughts won’t let you sleep.”

Dying Inside is available for pre-order now.

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